Christa Sherburne and Kwame Adusei

Meet newly engaged couple Christa Sherburne and Kwame Adusei!

Who knew that after Christa Sherburne chose to go out on a limb and reach out to someone on her friend's social networking page, she would meet Kwame Adusei, the love of her life.“To be honest, he was so handsome in his picture that I just couldn't resist!” exclaimed Sherburne. However, the couple was always closer to one another (geographically and emotionally) than they realized when they first met online. “Ironically, Kwame went to college in my hometown [in Monroe], while I was earning my master's degree closer to where he grew up,” says Sherburne.

At the time, Adusei was studying political science and pre-law at SUNY Potsdam, while Sherburne was working on her master's degree at Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville. On their romantic first date (a movie and ice cream) in Potsdam: “We talked mostly about family, friends, and our goals. We found that, though we came from culturally and geographically diverse backgrounds, we had much in common. Specifically, we had similar upbringings and beliefs. We also bonded over having strong, independent, single mothers.” Sherburne knew that Adusei was "the one" the summer after they first met, when he dutifully cared for her when she was sick with pneumonia. “Without my asking, Kwame took me to the hospital, packed up my entire apartment by himself, and then drove me home where he stayed by my side night and day until I recovered. That was also the moment my mom knew he was the one, which was the icing on the cake!” says Sherburne. 

After three blissful years, Adusei finally gained the courage to pop the question. On the anniversary of the couple's first date, Adusei woke Sherburne up at 5:45 in the morning to profess his love for her. “My favorite part of the proposal was that, instead of asking the traditional question, ‘Will you marry me,’ Kwame asked, ‘Do you want to marry me?’ It was such a simple and subtle thing, but it was really meaningful to me,” says Sherburne. Which is why, through tired and teary eyes, she excitedly accepted Adusei’s proposal. 

The couple plans to tie the knot in the fall of 2014 in the greater Albany area. Sherburne says, “Fall is our favorite time of the year. I love the colors, the weather, and the scent. It's nostalgic for me. It's such a beautiful time for a simple and elegant wedding.” At the wedding, the couple will be joined by family and friends from upstate New York, New York City, Vermont, and even overseas.

As if planning a wedding isn't exciting enough, the two have decided to continue their education and build their first home in Dutchess County. While Adusei works on his MBA, trains as a financial advisor at Wells Fargo Advisors, and considers a law degree, Sherburne will be busy with her career as a genetic counselor in Harrison, attending meetings and conferences, and mentoring students. In the future, she says that she hopes to become more involved in academic and advocacy fields of genetic counseling. 

With so many exciting endeavors that lie ahead of them, the couple looks forward to a beautiful life together, full of amazing and unforgettable memories. “We have many exciting things ahead of us, and we couldn't be happier to be experiencing them together,” says Sherburne. 

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