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One mom's plan to raise a kid — without raising greenhouse gases

Goodbye from Mama Greenest (for Now)

Mama Greenest takes a break from blogging — but writes one last post to Baby Greenest


Blueberry Buckle Dessert (Recipe)

Got blueberries? Try this old-fashioned cake-like dessert — it’s gluten-free and vegan, too!


The No-Yelling Challenge: How to Not Yell at Your Kids

Your kids may drive you nuts, but yelling usually doesn’t resolve it


The Truth About Coconut Water: Nature's Sports Drink Is Not So Natural

Think coconut water is the healthiest way to stay hydrated this summer? Think again


Mama Greenest's Summertime Local Challenge 2013

Our blogger sets some new challenges for this year


Environmentally Challenged: When Doing Good for the Planet Isn't Appreciated

Mama Greenest hits a snag when using reusable bags at the self-help checkout lane in the grocery store


Parenting Tip: Keeping Your Cool When Your Kids "Hate" You

Kids say the meanest things. Remaining calm and graceful while your child says they hate you is one of a parent’s many challenges


Yoga Classes for Families and Kids

“Kiddie” yoga classes challenge children and their families — and for some, test their patience. But the resulting clarity is worth it


Local Lakes, Beaches, and Swimming Holes: Where to Swim on a Hot Summer Day in the Hudson Valley

Tired of hanging out in front of the AC on hot summer days? Here’s a list of our favorite lakes, beaches, and swimming holes


Which Is Better: Siblings or To Be An Only Child?

Mama Greenest wonders whether her choice to raise one kid is a good one


Gluten-Free Banana Pancakes (Recipe)

Mama Greenest shares her newest favorite recipe: gluten-free banana pancakes


Letter I Wish My Three-Year-Old Would Give Me For Mother's Day

A Mother’s Day wish — an apology letter “penned” by a toddler — resonates with one Valley mom


Fun Summertime Activity with Kids: Planting a Garden

Planting a garden is a perfect summertime tradition to begin with the young ones


Parenting and Patience: You're Not Perfect

When your toddler is driving you crazy — and you lose your cool — just remember: you’re only human. Do your best


Bright Young Things, Or Oversexed Young Things?

Victoria’s Secret’s new (and controversial) Bright Young Things line begs a bigger question: how young is too young for our kids to be exposed to sex?


Raising a Child with the Help of Neighborhood Kids (and Parents)

They say it takes a village to raise a child — and to raise a parent, too


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One mom's plan to raise a kid — without raising greenhouse gases

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Shannon Gallagher

Shannon Gallagher
Rhinebeck, NY

Dutchess County native Shannon Gallagher is a contributing editor for Hudson Valley Magazine. An erstwhile thrill-seeker, these days she courts disaster of a different variety wrangling a spirited toddler, honing her vegan baking skills, and chasing the ever-elusive work-family balance. She teaches Pilates and does fascial bodywork, and lives in Rhinebeck with Coraline, a cat named Otie, and Sushi the Fish (named, of course, by the toddler).



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