Not to Fear, New Yorkers: Rhinebeck, NY, and Beyond Has Great Schools and Grade-A Education

A NYC reader moves to a chic Dutchess County town — but isn’t sure if the schools for her little one is up to par

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Dear Nina: Your suspicions about Rhinebeck are correct! It’s a fantastic place to raise children. But so are many of the surrounding communities (click here to check out HV Mag’s 10 Top Towns). The number of young families in the region is growing exponentially, and we have the eco-friendly baby stores, music classes, and mommy-oriented groups to prove it. And lucky for you, our magazine publishes a school issue every February, so we have lots of insider info in our archives. But to get the ball rolling...

When it comes to pre-schools, a lot of people I know chose their schools based on what was closest to home, especially when they had two kids of different ages. Our choices are pretty limited, but there’s a lot to be said for a true “community” school, like Rhinebeck Community Nursery School, where kids (and parents) can start forming relationships they very well may carry into grade school and beyond. For more on area public schools, check out Hudson Valley’s feature story, “Making the Grade.”

We’re really lucky in that we have a diverse array of amazing alternative schools. So if you’re into alternative education (Quaker, Sudbury, Waldorf, etc.), or the school district you ultimately land in doesn’t thrill you, there are options — you’ll just most likely have to drive a bit to get to them. Check out this year’s article on the Valley’s many private schools.

And a word to the wise: Don’t think because it’s the “country” there aren’t waiting lists. This one comes from experience. Even though I called two-and-a-half years ahead of time, all I could do was get Coraline on the waiting list at Little Feet Too, which I’m told (by everyone) is the best. So if there’s a place you’re interested in, get on it ASAP.

Help me out readers — what’s the scoop on your local schools?

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