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Pop Culture in Hudson Valley

Taking Woodstock Rebounds... A Little

What’s your take on these reviews of Ang Lee’s latest, Taking Woodstock?


Our Reality Show Track Record

Take a look at these reality shows and the local contestants that have appeared on them. What do you think?


District 9 and the Short that Started It

The No. 1 movie at the box office this weekend was not the big-budget, big-explosion G.I. Joe or the kid-friendly G-Force, but a smaller, no-stars picture...


The HV on TV

When you watch TV, doesn’t it seem like every show takes place in either LA or New York City — or even Atlanta and New Jersey. What about us? The Hudson Valley seems permanently left out of the TV landscape.


Stormy Weather Film Fest

It doesn’t hurt to keep one of these rain-related films on hand for the next time your weekend gets rained out.


Five Biggest News Items Out of Comic Con

Drop your Monster Manuals, kids: It’s time for our annual San Diego Comic Con review.


Summer Reading on the Big Screen

I guess that books and movies have a symbiotic relationship, as it’s not uncommon for one to lead its audience to the other. Which one do you like experiencing first: the book or movie?

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Wizard Rock!

Just as Led Zeppelin was rumored to be influenced by the Lord of the Rings trilogy, a younger generation of musicians have found their muses in the Harry Potter series. Thus, a geeky genre full of Potter-reference-laden songs was born. Welcome to Wizard Rock!


Shakespeare in the Park

Summer is the time for Shakespeare, and you don’t need to waste half a day on line in Central Park to see a show.


Theater Review: I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

Poptional Reading’s review of I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change


The Hangover and Amnesia Movies

Is it just me, or do you keep running into people who want to talk about The Hangover?


The Anti-IMAX

I know what you think when you hear the word IMAX: a towering screen that makes you go “oh, wow!” as soon as the movie starts playing. And, until recently, that’s what you were getting.


How’d We Do at the Tonys?

Being so close to Broadway, it’s no surprise that so many local residents work every day on the Great White Way. We usually see a huge roster of them come Tony time. This year, the number of nominated neighbors was pretty small — but overall, they did very well.


More New Music!

Poptional Reading reviews the top up-and-coming songbirds around the Valley


A New Way to Discover Music

Sick of all the songs on your iPod? I have a cure for the iTunes blues.

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Bad Buzz for Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock

Would you give Taking Woodstock a shot after these reviews?

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Pop Culture in Hudson Valley

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