Pizza Barn in Accord: Foodie Review of Ulster County’s Natural Organic Pizza

Natural, organic pizza at Pizza Barn in Accord proves fast food can be good for you

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The words bleach, bromates, hormones, antibiotics and dyes don’t sound like they have much to do with food, yet they’re all to be found in most pizza — along with trans fats, high fructose corn syrup and artificial flavors. The Daily Beast recently ranked the 30 deadliest pizzas — Domino’s came out the “winner” — but you can make any of the big-chain slices into a fatty, high-calorie, sodium-laden carb-fest if you choose the right toppings.

Still, life would hardly be bearable without pizza, right? If you’ve been trying to cut down on bleach and bromates, you can still have a cheesy, tasty slice at Pizza Barn in Accord, where Tanya and Michael Kefer, the health-conscious couple who run the joint, are turning out pies made fresh every day with organic, whole-grain, crispy crusts topped with all-natural ingredients. As they like to say: Nothing they use will take the paint off your Chevy.

Michael’s parents have been in the pizza biz for years, and dispensed traditional pies in Ulster County during the late ’80s and early ’90s. But by the time Michael opened his own spot in the barn near Accord in late 2009, he was married to Tanya, a personal trainer and acupuncturist with a doctorate in exercise physiology and gerontology. Did she have anything to do with the decision to go organic? “You bet!” she replies. “He was initially hard to persuade. But once he made the switch he was unstoppable.”

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