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With Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, New York City’s finest pizza comes to New Paltz

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Pizza-loving foodies in New York City have been arguing for years about which famous pizzeria makes the best pie. The oldest contender is Lombardi’s, where the original New York-style pizza was supposedly invented in 1905 when Gennaro Lombardi, an immigrant from Naples, started selling tomato pies in his grocery store.

If you go by Zagat’s ratings, the best pies are from Grimaldi’s, a no-frills parlor tucked under the Brooklyn Bridge. Michelle Obama raved about their pizza when she and the First Daughters stopped in last March (and we can be sure the three of them didn’t have to wait on the lines usually snaking around the block).

Patsy Grimaldi learned to make pies as a boy working at his uncle’s legendary pizzeria, Patsy’s, in Spanish Harlem. (Yes, his uncle was also called Patsy.) Grimaldi opened his own place in Dumbo in 1990, and has lately been branching out. This month, one tentacle reached New Paltz. Yes, pizza fans! There’s a Grimaldi’s in New Paltz! Now we in the mid-Hudson Valley can sink our teeth into the smoky, coal-fired, thin-crust pies beloved of such luminaries as Frank Sinatra and Rudy Guiliani.

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