Specialty Food Shop Review: Scarborough Fare in New Paltz, Ulster County, NY

A well-stocked pantry in Ulster County offers goodies and condiments

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But where was I? Ah yes. So prices for the oils and vinegars are reasonable anyway, and a refill saves you a couple of bucks. You can also get small amounts, which is a bonus.

These high-quality oils are for dipping, drizzling on salads, or for finishing dishes rather than for cooking. The vanilla balsamic is syrupy enough that Donna said one customer trickled some over his ice-cream cone and was in heaven. A couple of delicious-sounding new balsamic flavors are under consideration: juniper berry and cherry. Refills cost just 49 cents an ounce for the basic balsamic; 79 cents for the fancier ones.

imported oils and vinegars

The shop also carries a range of natural Robert Rothschild mustards, dips, BBQ sauces, jellies and jams (like hot-pepper peach and Maine wild blueberry); teas from Harney & Sons; biscotti and cookies; an assortment of pastas; dried beans from Purely American; Perel’s white and black truffle oil; and syrups, like sour cherry and elderflower that, says Donna “are good on oatmeal, pancakes, or waffles. The sour cherry makes a good smoothie.” You’ll find cookbooks, and pretty, empty jars that you can fill for a cool gift for cooks.

Despite being tucked away on North Front Street, Scarborough Fare has already attracted a regular gaggle of foodies. “Chefs come in, and students from the Culinary,” says Donna, “because we carry some oils from Spain that are hard to get your hands on. We encourage people to come and tell us what they make, or send a message on Facebook,” she adds. “I just did a huge fruit salad with fresh strawberries and drizzled it with the vanilla balsamic. That’s a good one.”

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