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Bad Wedding Gifts: How Do I (Tastefully) Reject This Awful Wedding Gift?

Our bride’s wedding gift is one she won’t mind returning

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The Wedding Guru answers: Before you refuse your sister’s gift, I suggest you make an appointment with the photographer. What he chooses to show on his Web site may not be his entire repertoire. (Sometimes he highlights photos that are “extreme” in order to make a real impression.) What you’re seeing may be, in fact, just one of the styles that the photographer uses. Ask to see samples of other wedding photos in order to determine whether he can shoot in a style that makes you comfortable.

If that doesn’t work, go to plan B: sit down with your sister. Thank her for her offer; tell her how generous she is and do so in the most effusive way you can. Then, as tactfully as possible, tell her that you need to refuse. (You may explain that you already have your heart set on a particular photographer.) If that scenario doesn’t work, you might want to be open and honest. Explain how important it is for you to be comfortable with your photographer as a person and as an artist, because if you’re not, it will show in the photos. I don't envy you your task, and I’m hopeful it will work out!

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