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Who Hosts the Wedding Rehearsal Dinner?

When it comes to hosting the rehearsal dinner, do you know which set of parents foots the bill — and whose name is on the invitation?

With so many second marriages, bridal couples make more of an effort to include the additional parents — a change for the better, I feel!

A mother of the groom asks...
“My son is getting married. He was raised by his stepfather (my husband). My husband and I are cohosting and paying for half of the rehearsal dinner, along with my son’s birthfather — who tells us that, ‘according to Emily Post,’ my husband’s name should be omitted from the invitation. I think he is absolutely wrong! Who is correct and how should the invitation be worded? I can't find an example anywhere online.”

The Wedding Guru says...
Once upon a time, only the parents of the bride were included on the rehearsal dinner and wedding invitations. Today, regardless of who’s paying for the rehearsal dinner, it’s absolutely acceptable for both fathers (and mothers) to be listed. That said, I like this wording:

Please join us for a rehearsal dinner
in honor of
(bride’s first name) and (groom’s first name)
on (date)
at (time)
(name of location)
(address of location)
(city and state of location)

Mr. (name of groom’s stepmother, if there is one, and birthfather)
and (your name and groom’s stepfather’s name)

P.S. Emily Post says: “It is customary, but not obligatory, for the groom’s family to host the rehearsal party. If the groom’s family chooses not to host, then it’s fine for the bride’s family or the bride and groom to do so. It’s also perfectly fine for the two families to host together.” Hope that settles it!

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