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Bridesmaid on a Budget (Part 3): Save Money on Wedding Costs

Some thoughtful (and affordable) gift ideas for the bridesmaid on a budget

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The Wedding Guru says: First, decide on your budget. Realistically, what can you spend that’ll keep you financially comfortable? Once you figure that out, it’s time to get creative!

Consider “sequential” gifts: If the bride has registered for expensive dinnerware, give her one or two pieces for each pre-wedding party, and the remainder of one place setting as a wedding gift.

You can also give “accompanying” gifts: If the bride has registered for a big-bucks pasta maker, buy her a serving bowl, a set of four matching bowls, tongs, and a pasta cookbook.

Put together memory or heirloom gifts. Does your friend love your chocolate chip cookies? Write the recipe out on card and add a package of similar blank recipe cards. Wrap the ingredients in a nice gift basket. You can add a cookie cookbook, or baking utensils such as a measuring spoon or cups.

Lastly, offer yourself as a gift. Create cute, hand-made coupons that she can redeem for things like writing out table cards, addressing envelopes, or designing seating cards. You can also offer after-the-wedding items, such as an hour of grocery shopping, a week of watching their cat when they are on vacation, house-sitting, gardening (or even baking those fabulous chocolate chip cookies!).

Whether you decide to give your handy services or a bunch of smaller (read: affordable) and thoughtful gifts, the bridal couple will appreciate the time and energy you put into your gift choices!

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