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How to Have a Budget Wedding in an Expensive Town

Don’t skip town for your nuptials! Wallet-friendly weddings in the Northeast are possible, believe it or not. Here’s where to start

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When you look at the statistics, it’s tough to believe that we’re in an economic turndown. This bride has an interesting question for couples who are willing to not necessarily have their weddings where they live.

A local bride asks...

“My family’s budget is pretty tight, but they would still like to contribute to our wedding. We live in Ossining. My mom suggested that perhaps we could look at the prices of weddings where they’re less expensive than they are at home. Would we get more bang for our buck if we’re willing to travel? With that in mind, do you have any statistics you can share?”

The Wedding Guru says...

With regard to weddings, unfortunately, you live in one of the most expensive areas: the Northeast. In Westchester, the average wedding runs about $52,000. If you’re willing to travel to, say, Kansas, you’ll pay a lot less. (However, that’s not what I suggest that you do.)

If you do your homework, you’ll find reasonably priced venues close to home. (Sinapi’s Ceola Manor in Jefferson Valley is about 20 minutes from you, and might be a good choice.) If evening affairs are out of your price range, consider an afternoon event or a reception in a restaurant.

Keep in mind that you live just south of an area where weddings are most cost-effective! The Hudson Valley offers plenty of venues that might be able to cater to your budgetary restrictions; start your search here.

Lastly, the goal of a wedding reception is to get married amongst friends and family. Putting yourself or your parents “in the hole” is absolutely not necessary. The people close to you want to share your happiness and are not concerned with how elaborate your affair is, or how much you’re spending on it.

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