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6 Wedding Cake Dos and Don’ts

Here’s what you need to know before buying your wedding day dessert so you can have your cake and eat it, too


The cake is an integral part of your wedding day, so it’s understandable that you want to make sure you do everything right!

A local bride asks...

“I’m nervous about my wedding cake. The ritual of cutting the cake is really important to me and my future husband, but I want the cake itself to be yummy. Can you give us some tips?”

The Wedding Guru says...

There are several things to keep in mind when you order your wedding cake. Here are my dos and don’ts:

DO: Taste it! The baker should be able to give you a sample of a similar cake. If that’s not a service they provide, ask if she or he can contact a couple who picked the cake you want and ask them to call you with a reference. If neither of those things work, at least try some of the cakes that are available, even if they’re not wedding cakes.

DO: Order early! Once you’ve made your choice, place your order. There’s no advantage to waiting. Bakeries get really bogged down in wedding seasons, so make sure that your name is on the list.

DO: Have fun! Go ahead and personalize your cake. You can match it to your wedding colors, or buy a topper that resembles you and your groom. That said...

DON’T: Clutter up your cake! Too many accessories will ruin the appearance of your dessert.

DO: Make sure the bakery delivers! Their vehicles are properly equipped to keep it cool and in one piece. And by all means...

DON’T: Enlist a friend! This is not a time to ask someone to pick up the cake for you — trust me.

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Your to-dos before the I-dos

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