The Bawlin’ Bride

The Wedding Guru Judy Lewis fields this week’s wedding questions. Today: The Bawlin’ Bride

Darlene asks: “I come from a family of criers. We are all very emotional and express our feelings by crying, happy, or sad. I just know that I will be bawling at some points before, after, and during my wedding day. What can I do in order to do a quick touch-up of my makeup, so that I don’t looked washed out?”

Dear Darlene: I have a few things to suggest! First, take advantage of waterproof mascara; that will be the least likely to “run.” Have your maid of honor carry a few touch-up items, too: Makeup pads that are presaturated, or that you can saturate on your own, are great for general use. When you cry, your neck may get blotchy, and there are also several “cures” you can use to cover that up — tinted concealer work wonders. Stage makeup (or makeup made to cover scarring) will hide just about anything. These are usually green and work by “neutralizing” the redness in your skin. Be sure to use a loose powder to set, and let those tears of joy roll!

Visit’s article “Beauty Tips for the Bride” for more tips. To submit your own question to “The Wedding Guru,” add your comment to the box below or send an email to


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