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Average Cost of Wedding Gowns in New York Versus the United States

You want to say “yes” to the dress... just make sure you’re buying it in Alaska

If you’re trying to work out your wedding attire budget — tuxes, gowns, shoes, etc. — it may help you to know the average prices paid by other brides.

A local bride asks...
“I’m about to start my search for a bridal gown. My parents are being very generous, but I think that with this one item, we’re on different pages. If I could tell them what other brides spend, it may help us to solve this difference. Help!”

The Wedding Guru says...
The average price brides pay for a wedding gown across the United States is about $1,500. As always, there are highs and lows in various places in the country, with most locations averaging in the $1,000 to $1,400 range. The least amount is spent in Alaska, where brides cough up an average of $800. In Oklahoma, brides spend close to the average. The highest spent, as expected, is in Manhattan, where the average price of a gown soars to $3,000.

The good news is that there are gowns out there within almost every budget, even for the most frugal bride! Set a reasonable budget for yourself, one that will work for your folks — they are, after all, footing the bill. Then, when you shop, make it clear to your salespeople that you absolutely want to stay within your budget. The professional salesperson will be happy to do so. Remember that buying your gown is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so enjoy it!

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