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Bridal Shower Icebreaker Idea: The Yarn Game

Here’s one of our favorite games to help break the ice at a bridal shower

Often, guests at a bridal shower will not be familiar with others because they come from different parts of the bride’s life. That’s where icebreakers come in handy.

A local bride asks...
“I know from my own past experience that a bridal shower is most enjoyable when the guests feel at least somewhat comfortable with one another. What can I, or the hostess of my shower, do to get around this potential problem?”

The Wedding Guru says...
Typically, the bride’s sister or best friends host the shower, and the guest list usually includes friends, close family members, coworkers, the bride’s future mother-in-law, some of the mother-in-law’s friends, and some of her close family members. Because the guests come from so many different aspects of the bride’s life, chances are many of them don’t know one another. It’s a legitimate concern that guests may not have a good time because it’s tough to loosen up and be silly around people you don’t know. Here’s one icebreaker game that helps make guests more comfortable with one another.

The game is called the Yarn Game. Essentially, the hostess passes around a large ball of yarn from which guests are allowed to cut any length of yarn. (Of course, guests are not told in advance what the yarn is for.) Once everyone has her piece, the hostess explains that each guest must announce her name, her relationship to the bride, and details about herself — all while wrapping the yarn around her finger. Once the yarn is completely wrapped, she can finish! By that time, she should have revealed enough information about herself to help others get to know her.

The guest who’s talking can also write her name on a name tag, along with an image, that will help others to remember who she is. Remember: organizing and running your bridal shower is not your job, but that of whoever is throwing the party for you. Let her do her thing!

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