Donut Shops for People Sick of Cider

These four Hudson Valley bakers go beyond the region's cinnamony standard


No one can say the Daddy's Donuts folks aren't cereal donut enthusiasts.

Photo courtesy of Daddy's Donuts/Taneisha

With nearby orchards and farms aplenty, countless cider-donut stands suddenly sprout across our valley come September, but let’s be real here: How much of the classic cinnamon sugar-encrusted variety can you really wolf down before season’s close? We’re here to remind you of four regional locales that provide myriad creative twists on the confection, and should satisfy any case of the munchies.


Daddy’s Donuts, Middletown

With plenty of indulgent, rotating flavors, this one-of-a-kind bakeshop will have you saying, “Yum-O!” Don’t believe us? Their cannoli chip crunch variety is chocolate-glazed and funneled with cannoli cream, then topped with a crispy-shell crunch, while their cookie dough offering is split and filled with gooey cookie dough, then half-dipped in chocolate, and crowned by a giant chocolate chip cookie.


Gypsy Donut & Espresso Bar, Nyack

Each donut is hand prepared and made from scratch wth locally sourced ingredients, using no artificial ingredients, flavors, or preservatives. In other words, no pre-made batters here–just flour, sugar, eggs, milk, and yeast. And if flavor is all you care about, they’ve got that covered too. Try the rotating mango buttercream, passion fruit glazed, and goat cheese scallion donuts, or for the 21+ crowd, their Bloody Mary donut, speared with a green olive and cornichon.


Dohnut., New Paltz

Inhabiting just 90 sq. feet within New Paltz’s Water Street Market, this beloved college-town treasure may very well be the smallest donut shop in the world. However, what they lack in space, the owning Kosiner brothers make up for in adventurousness. Sure, you could stay safe and pick up a crisp classic, like chocolate glaze or vanilla, but with a flavor list extending to borderline crazy finds like maple bacon, watermelon poppy, green tea, and Sriracha (!), you won’t be able to help yourself from being a little bit curious.


Crooked Confections, Congers (Online-Order Only)

Admit it. Gypsy’s Bloody Mary donut got you excited. Well, this online-order-only boozy bakery might just get you singing. Formerly known as The Drunkin Donut, Crooked Confections concocts alcohol-infused donuts like strawberry daiquiri, dark and stormy, white Russian, mai tai, and Malibu madness. Yes, even the icing is spiked. And for our friends beyond the valley, they ship nationwide. 

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