Where to Find Gourmet Donuts in the Hudson Valley

These Hudson Valley hotspots serve confections that go way beyond the region's cinnamony standard.


No one can say the Daddy's Donuts folks aren't cereal donut enthusiasts.

Photo courtesy of Daddy's Donuts/Taneisha


With nearby orchards and farms aplenty, cider donuts and the Hudson Valley are practically synonymous. Yet that doesn’t mean that the non-cider varieties don’t deserve their day in the spotlight. We’re here to remind you of the regional locales that provide myriad creative twists on the confection, and should satisfy any case of the munchies.



Daddy’s Donuts, Middletown

With plenty of indulgent, rotating flavors, this one-of-a-kind bakeshop will have you saying, “Yum-O!” Don’t believe us? Their cannoli chip crunch variety is chocolate-glazed and funneled with cannoli cream, then topped with a crispy-shell crunch, while their cookie dough offering is split and filled with gooey cookie dough, then half-dipped in chocolate, and crowned by a giant chocolate chip cookie.



Glazed Over Donuts, Beacon

As the 2017 Readers’ Choice winner for “Best Donuts” in our Best of Hudson Valley Awards, Glazed Over holds a special place on the list for us. Embrace your childhood dreams and customize your donut with glazes, toppings, and drizzles. Stay in your comfort zone with chocolate and sprinkles, or go wild with fruity pebbles, bacon, and marshmallows. On a hot day, you can even indulge with a donut ice cream sandwich.



Boxer Donut & Espresso Bar, Nyack

Formerly Gypsy Donut, Boxer Donut swapped hands to Gypsy’s longtime manager in 2017. While leadership may have changed, quality did not. Visitors can expect the same scrumptious circle confections from the Nyack eatery. Come prepared with napkins when you munch on the salted caramel donut, which is delightfully sticky and peppered with black salt. Otherwise, try one of the freshly made vegan donuts. Flavors change daily, so you never know what to expect.



Dohnut, New Paltz

Inhabiting just 90 sq. feet within New Paltz’s Water Street Market, this beloved college-town treasure may very well be the smallest donut shop in the world. However, what they lack in space, the Kosiner brothers make up for in adventurousness. Sure, you could stay safe and pick up a crisp classic, like chocolate glaze or vanilla, but with a flavor list extending to borderline crazy finds like maple bacon, watermelon poppy, green tea, and Sriracha (!), you won’t be able to help yourself from being a little bit curious.



Twin Peaks Coffee & Donuts, Tannersville

This Tannersville joint may serve up tasty breakfast and sandwich specials during the week, but don’t let that distract you from your main reason to make a visit. Twin Peaks makes donuts hot and fresh to order, which is enough of an excuse to order a half dozen right then and there. Look out for the limited edition varieties, like the strawberry shortcake powdered sugar donut, topped with strawberries, Nilla wafers, and whipped cream.



Cider Belly Doughnuts, Albany

Albany residents are lucky to live a hop, skip, and jump away from Cider Belly. The sassy storefront sells Single “Ready to Tingle” donuts for $1, a price that is just a little bit dangerous for our waistlines. Pick up one of the regulars, like The Double Down, an apple cider donut with apple cider glaze, or venture into gourmet territory with a French Apple glazer topped with a maple syrup drizzle and cinnamon. Stay on the lookout for the 300-plus selection of flavors that rotate in and out of the store as well.



The Windham Local, Windham

If you’re like us, you probably never suspected that donuts would be hiding inside The Windham Local. This is one of those instances where it’s great to be wrong. Head to the charming spot for a selection of one-of-a-kind flavors that will fly your sweet tooth straight to Candyland. Don’t be surprised if you spend more than a few minutes standing helplessly in front of the counter as you debate between options like toasted coconut and lime, blueberry lavender, apple fritter, and maple bar.

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