Retreat to Gather Greene for a Stunning Outdoor Cabin Escape

The Coxsackie overnight destination and event venue sits at the foot of the Catskills.


Photo by Kelsey Ann Rose


Gather Greene wants you to escape to the woods.

If it sounds a little like Rip Van Winkle, that’s because it is. Tucked in Coxsackie, in the heart of the Berkshire and Catskill Mountains, Gather Greene is the Hudson Valley’s latest oasis in the forest. With a recent debut in November 2018, it’s still something of a local secret — for now. Yet if the majestic treescapes, eye-catching cottages, and abundance of curated experiences nearby are any indication, it’s only a matter of time before the Greene County hideaway shakes off its under-the-radar status for good.


Photo by Kelsey Ann Rose


The concept for Gather Greene coalesced a number of years ago, when co-designers and owners Amna Ali and Jackie Brown brainstormed ideas for a retreat outside of New York City. As interior design graduates of Pratt University with experience choreographing events and exhibits at institutions like the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the women wanted to embark on an independent project that embraced their shared interests.

“Aside from the breathtaking natural setting, we were inspired by the idea of a destination that was simple and easy to get to from New York City, where people could go and make meaningful connections, not just with nature, but with other people,” explain Ali and Brown.

“With our shared passion for experiential design and fascination with blurring lines between indoor and outdoor space, we were able to materialize Gather Greene’s central themes and concepts and, in doing so, go on to create a really special place that we hope helps to create magical and memorable moments in people’s lives.”



Left to right: a view of the cabins and the pavilion interior / photos by Chellise Michael Photography


Create magical moments they most certainly did. Upon first glance, Gather Greene looks like Tinker Bell herself transported a bit of Neverland to the Hudson Valley. On the property, verdant greenery and a copse of trees hug the central pavilion and 17 perfectly crafted cabins, which the women describe as “little hotel rooms in the woods.” When taken as a whole, the space evokes a sense of “gezellig,” a Dutch term that loosely translates to “gather with friends in a cozy environment.” It’s not exactly hygge, but it’s pretty darn close.

In terms of layout, Gather Greene centers around the 4,000-square-foot pavilion, which boasts a full catering kitchen, bathrooms and meeting suites, and an upstairs lounge. It’s just as ideal for onsite experiences as it is for private retreats and ceremonies.


Inside the pavilion / photo by Chellise Michael Photography


A couple hundred yards away, the site’s 17 cabins sit along a picturesque ridge. Constructed from natural cedar wood outside and pine inside, the cabins offer a warm contrast with the calming tones of the forest that surrounds them.

“You really get this treehouse feeling when you are inside and find yourself looking out into the canopy of trees,” note Ali and Brown. Since the micro-homes, each of which total 160 square-feet, boast one wall made of glass, guests have an unobstructed view of the surrounding lands and nearby mountains.

“Even though you are sleeping in a large, cozy bed with all the comforts of a hotel room, you look out that window and truly also feel that you are sleeping in the woods,” they explain.



A coffee compartment and bathroom hide in each cabin. / photos by Kelsey Ann Rose


Speaking of amenities, the pint-sized homes are subtly decked out with heating and cooling systems, outlets, a hidden coffee and tea nook, and a mini refrigerator. Spread throughout the property, shared hammocks, fire pits, picnic tables, lawn games, and hiking trails provide endless entertainment for guests during their stay.

Wondering about food? Ali and Brown take care of that too. While guests are free to jaunt to nearby Hudson or Kinderhook, they can just as easily remain on the property and take advantage of the pre-order dining services. Between breakfast pastries in the morning, cheese and charcuterie platters in the afternoon, and locally brewed Boehm Apple Farm cider in the evening, visitors have everything they need for a genuine escape in the Hudson Valley.


Photo by Chellise Michael Photography


While Gather Greene is admittedly still in the early stage of opening, Ali and Brown have big plans for the space down the line. To date, they’ve already held an open house for wedding industry professionals and retreats with brands like Shopbop, Levi’s, and PureVida Peartree.

Looking ahead, their goal first and foremost is to say focused on “hosting meaningful and inspired events, retreats, and workshops.” If the jaw-dropping imagery on Gather Greene’s Instagram feed is any indication, the duo will have no problem achieving, or outperforming, their goal.

Overnight stays at Gather Greene begin at $250 per night, and each cabin accommodates two people. For information about events and weddings, visit

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