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10 Pet Safety Tips for the Fourth of July

Follow this advice, courtesy of the Hudson Valley Humane Society, for a fun-filled Independence Day for both you and Fido.


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The Fourth of July is cause for celebration. Unfortunately, it’s a very busy weekend for local animal shelters, which carry the task of rounding up all the wayward pets that flee homes because of the noisy festivities. Here are some tips to keep your beloved pets safe:

1. Do not bring your pet to fireworks displays. Keep them indoors.

2. Close the windows! Startled pets often run right through screens.

3. If you’re celebrating at home, keep your pet in a crate or a quiet room away from the festivities.

4. Is your pet afraid of lightning? He’s most likely terrified of fireworks!

5. Always make sure your pet is wearing identification. If your ID tags are worn, get them replaced — the Hudson Valley Humane Society offers free ID tags.

6. Consider boarding your pet.

7. Consider dressing your pooch in an anxiety vest (like a Thundershirt).

8. Never say never! If you find yourself saying “My dog never leaves the yard/house/property,” remember: there’s always a first time for everything, and it can be fatal. Fear from an unexpected noise — like fireworks — is all it takes for an animal to run.

9. If you spot an unleashed pet without its owner, or any animal in a dangerous situation, call your local police or the Hudson Valley Humane Society at 845.354.3124.

10. Of course, enjoy the holiday! Be safe and spread the word to all your friends.

For more information or safety tips from the Hudson Valley Humane Society, visit

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