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Wendy Modic
Sometimes golf is not a pretty sight

Wendy Modic

Hometown: Chappaqua
Home Club: Fenway Golf Club, Scarsdale

“A round of golf can be very revealing of someone’s honesty, and how they deal with failure, success, even stress. Sometimes it’s not a very pretty sight,” says Wendy Modic. She knows from first-hand experience, too, since she spends at least eight hours every day teaching, playing, and competing at the highest level of the game.

Modic enjoys golf two ways: as a leading teacher at Fenway Golf Club in Scarsdale and as a top-notch competitor who earned the Met PGA Women’s Player of the Year title from 2005 through 2008. Wendy also won the 2007 LPGA Northeast Section Championship, and competed twice in the U.S. Women’s Open as well as the 2008 LPGA Championship.

She’s also well regarded for her work on the lesson tee. Frank Klein, a student of hers, says, “While Wendy understands the mechanics of the golf swing as well as anyone I’ve worked with, her ability to communicate and convey what you need to do to become a better golfer is where she differs. The way she says it, you just get it.”

When she’s not honing her game or someone else’s, Modic enjoys romping with Minx, her 150-pound Leonberger puppy.


Michael Balkind is the author of Sudden Death, a golf murder mystery set in Westchester. His new novel, Dead Ball (written wih ESPN Anchor, Ryan Burr) will be released soon.


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