Fantasy Fairways

Westchester’s best 18 holes test your golf savvy, skills, and strategy


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Ask three golfers what makes the best golf hole, and you’ll get at least six answers. One wants a difficult challenge that’s fair. Another a scenic view with birdie potential. The third is going to say the best golf hole rewards well-executed shots while punishing bad ones, plus offers some visual razzle-dazzle without being too tricked up with gimmicks and gimcracks. In other words, “best,” like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

In an effort to find out what our golfers’ eyes like to see, we asked the head pros and players of Westchester’s courses to identify their favorite golf holes this year without giving them any specific criteria. Then we took our panel of players to the courses to check out their choices for ourselves. The result is this composite course of the best golf holes in Westchester, a track that’s 7,219 yards long and plays to par 71.

It’s a fantasy course made up of 18 distinctive holes, each of which offers its own version of “best.” Some are tough and long, others are short and tricky, many are visually stunning, mentally exhilarating, and physically challenging. They all meet our definition of “best” as defined in our scorecard.


Read on for our top 18 holes


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