All in the Family

With the introduction of a new Albany supper club, the Serroukas clan continues to expand their restaurant empire


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Alex Serroukas was born into a family of hard-working Greek immigrants with big dreams. In 1968 his father, Gus, opened the Double O Doughnut Luncheonette on Poughkeepsie’s Main Street; the Town and Country Diner in Hyde Park (in which his uncle was also a partner) followed in 1973. “I always tell people that I was raised by a wild pack of waitresses and line cooks,” says Serroukas, who admits that he, his brothers Nick and Peter, and cousins Kosta and Tommy, were constant fixtures in the diner. “My father and uncle heavily involved me and my brothers and cousins in the business,” he remembers. “And we really learned a lot from them.”

Apparently so. Because Serroukas and the rest of his generation of family members have built a successful Hudson Valley restaurant empire that continues to expand, even as other eateries around the region drop like flies in the dismal economy. Surely you’ve heard of the famous Eveready Diner in Hyde Park. That’s a Serroukas creation, as is the Double O Grill (two locations) and the Coyote Grill in Dutchess County, and the Rolling Rock Café in Kingston. While each of these popular eateries clearly has its own personality (and menu), they do share a certain appeal. Each hot spot sports an oversized dining room decorated with loads of neon and nostalgia, and a giant menu featuring fun and fine food. Clearly, these restaurants tap into the public’s desire for the comfort of yesteryear. “Our vision has always been to give guests an experience that is truly unique,” says Serroukas.

Their latest undertaking is the Standard in Albany: a hip, upscale throwback to early Las Vegas supper clubs, which opened last December. “It’s been very, very busy — a little overwhelming, actually,” admits Serroukas. The bustling new eatery hasn’t completely overwhelmed the family, however; plans for a second Eveready Diner, to be located in Brewster, are well underway. And the family has no plans of letting up. “We love creating restaurants,” Serroukas enthuses, “and we never want to stop.”


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