Wine Time

The Valley’s wine bars offer long lists of vino and a laid-back atmosphere

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Elephant Wine Bar
Photograph by Michael Nelson

Elephant Wine Bar


The scene: Frequented by professional, foodie types in their mid-30s. “Kind of the East Village stuck into Kingston,” chef Rich Reeve explains. Tuesdays are the most popular weeknight.
The list:
An ever-changing menu of about 20 wines. Mostly Spanish, with a handful of French and Italian selections. $5-$10 a glass; $22-$36 a bottle.
The favorite:
The Loios from Portugal, a medium-bodied red with a touch of oak.
Don’t miss:
Elephant’s “underground” wines — the bar features selections from underappreciated, lesser known winemaking regions such as the Yecla subregion of Spain.

Elephant Wine Bar
Open Tues.-Sat. 4-10 p.m.


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