Journey Arts in Woodstock, NY, Uses Sound Therapy to Heal, Relax

A form of healing that uses sound vibrations is gaining a following in the Valley


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terri guest and marcus lindnerGood vibrations: Sound practitioner Terri Guest plays chakra-balancing chimes for Journey Arts founder Marcus Lindner

Lindner, who lived in Woodstock in the ’60s before relocating to sunny Florida, founded Journey Arts in 1993. He and Guest — a fashion-industry veteran originally from London, who had been a Manhattanite for the last 26 years — met through a mutual friend while on a retreat in the Druid forests near Provence. “We decided to visit Woodstock, and as soon as I arrived here I felt like I was home again,” says Lindner. “Then we discovered there were other sound-healing practitioners here too, and we decided to bring Journey Arts to Woodstock. We’ve been here for about a year.”

The fee for a 90-minute session is $130; $200 for a 90-minute session with both practitioners. Inside Journey Arts, the airy space has large windows that overlook a deck surrounded by lush trees and foliage. On the floor sit a variety of instruments, including Tibetan singing bowls, a rain stick, and chimes. Tuning forks of varying sizes are laid out across a table, and on the opposite side of the room, enormous chimes like thin telephone poles hang suspended above the ground. Along one wall, a spectrum of colored scarves add a splash of vibrancy to the space; Lindner and Guest actually use these silk cloths as part of the process. “The scarves are dyed to specific frequency levels and are used for their vibratory effects,” says Guest. “Color has a visual effect on us, but I’ve worked with color-blind clients who have been positively affected. Color is light, and light is vibration.”

In the same vein, because sound healing is based on vibration, one doesn’t need to be able to hear in order to receive benefits. “It can help the deaf; they still feel the vibration,” Guest says. “I haven’t worked with a deaf client, but I’ve worked with those with hearing issues and some have even stated that their hearing improved. There is a logic to how we use the instruments with different areas of the body. I’m not playing to what you hear, I’m playing to what I’ve detected and how that’s going to affect the body.

“There’s a treatment we do that is hugely helpful for spinal pain, backaches, and headaches, using the tuning forks along the meridian points on either side of the spine,” says Guest, but it can help with other ailments and diseases. Lindner adds: “Terri has done work with multiple sclerosis patients, and we’ve seen positive interactions with autistic children. There was a pediatric clinic across the driveway from my sound studio in Florida that saw many autistic kids. Often they would come over, hop on the monochord table, and enjoy feeling the vibration. It settled them because it was something they could feel that they didn’t have to express, they could just enjoy it.”  

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