Could American Pharoah Have Beaten Secretariat?

A new video shows the horses side by side and who the better Belmont Stakes runner really was


This Saturday, in front of a crowd of brightly clad, sufficiently sotted, very excited ladies and gents, history was made when American Pharoah won the Belmont Stakes — and the first Triple Crown since 1978’s Affirmed. (Disappointing realization: American Pharoah is not to be confused with Bedford’s Upstart, who upstarted zilch and came in last at the Kentucky Derby.)

It was a riot: attendees were hollering and nostalgic old men tearing. American Pharoah is the best race horse in almost four decades. War Admiral, Seattle Slew, and Secretariat, among others, have a new colleague.

And that begs the question: Is American Pharoah better than Secretariat, world-renowned über-horse extraordinaire? Does he compare to Secretariat’s considered-the-best-ever Crown? How does Pharoah really stack up against the best horse ever?

Fortunately, the folks at the Wall Street Journal put together a video showing the two Belmont races side by side to see how Pharoah compared to Secretariat in the 1.5-mile marathon. And though Pharoah’s the best in the past 38 years, he’s certainly not the horse Secretariat was. The video’s pretty great, so take a look below — undiscernable double audio excluded.



[Wall Street Journal]

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