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Here Are the Beverage Trends That Will Define 2018

A toast to the New Year.

Schumer Sides With Craft Beverage Industry Success

The Senate Minority leader wants more protections for grain growers in New York State.

Newburgh Brewing Made an Eggbert-Themed IPA — And It's Selling Out Fast

Head to their taproom to taste the new brew dedicated to the Hudson Valley Christmas icon.

Distillery Cats of the Hudson Valley

Our Q&A with author Brad Thomas Parsons on his latest book and the craft beverage industry's favorite felines.

Prost! Check Out These 10 Oktoberfest Events to Hit in the Valley

Oktoberfest is happening now in the Hudson Valley, and everyone's breaking it down Bavarian style.

6 Valley Brewers Tell Us About Their Favorite Local Brews

The Valley’s top brewers talk their go-to sunny suds.

7 Sour Beers to Drink All Summer Long

Let’s make it the summer of the sour.

The Hudson Valley Beer Bible

Our (almost) A to Z guide to the Valley’s breweries

Indian Ladder Farms Adds Beer and Cider to Its Agrarian Offerings

The 1916 Albany County farm has gone through many iterations, from dairy farm to agro-tourism hotspot.

How Arrowood Farms Brewery Cultivates a Unique Beer Business

Arrowood uses a biodynamic farming philosophy to produce beer.

The First Draft: Equilibrium Brewery in Middletown

Two MIT grads use their engineering knowledge to open Equilibrium Brewery in Middletown.

7 Super Bowl Sunday Beer Pairings

You’ll need beer – and lots of it – for Super Bowl Sunday.

Smart Beer Brings New Balance to the Craft Brew Scene

Gabriel Heymann's Smart Beer is the first organic beer to be brewed in the state.

Resolve to Make Your Own Beer in 2017

You'll definitely keep this new year's resolution

A Giant Leap for Craft Beer With Hudson Valley Hops

One man is dedicated to meeting the region's hefty demand for hops head on

Arts and Casks

Industrial Arts Brewing is inspired by its home in the Garnerville Arts and Industrial Complex