Climbing clarified


Thanks for a great article about me and my rock climbing service, Alpine Endeavors (At Work, November).

I would just like to clarify one point made in the article: I didn’t mean to suggest that my guide service was the first one authorized to climb in the Mohonk Preserve. Over the years there have been other services authorized to guide here. However, in 1990 the Preserve put a moratorium on new services, and allowed only four services to guide on its land: High Angle Adventures (I believe they were the first guide service, started in around 1974); Mountain Skills; Eastern Mountain Sports; and, for a while, Diamond Sports. My service met all the requirements, but was unable to operate in the Preserve during the moratorium. So I operated as an independent certified guide for four years. After Diamond Sports closed, the Preserve gave Alpine Endeavors authorization to operate in its place. So we became the first new service in 15 years to operate in the Preserve.

Marty Molitoris

Owner, Alpine Endeavors

Rosendale, Ulster County



Food faux pas


I read your magazine often and enjoy it immensely. I was really excited to read your “Best of the Hudson Valley” issue (October), but found myself disappointed by two of the listings.

You named Park Place in Goshen as having the best mac and cheese in the area, but this restaurant is now closed. Eduardo’s in Salisbury Mills [Best Cheap Eats] is an excellent restaurant to eat at on a budget; however, it is not just Northern Italian cuisine. Half the menu is dedicated to Mexican dishes, and the other half is dedicated to pizza and Italian dishes. They even serve chips and salsa instead of a bread basket when you arrive for lunch or dinner.

Jen Wiegert Burke

Walden, Orange County



We stand corrected. - The Editors

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