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West Point cadets and the sex-and-drug ’60s; IBM, Luckey Platt, and ice harvesters; airports, bridges, and those famous ferries. Join us for a look back at the last 100 years of Valley history


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Mark Twain viewing the street at his summer home in Tuxedo Park
Photograph courtesy of Tuxedo Park Library

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Then: Money has defined the Orange County community of Tuxedo Park since its founding. In 1886, the grandson of tobacco magnate Peter Lorillard (one of America’s first millionaires) commissioned two prominent urban planners to build a getaway for his group of wealthy Manhattan friends. By the turn of the century, Wall Street mavens and literary stars alike (such as Mark Twain, at left, who summered in Tuxedo Park) were calling the village home. Interestingly, the word “tuxedo” — the very symbol of wealth and privilege — originated here in the late 1800s, when Lorillard and the village’s other founding members began wearing what the British called a “dinner jacket” to parties and formal events.

Photograph courtesy of Tuxedo Park Preferred PropertiesTuxedo Park house

Now: Tuxedo Park retains its intimate, exclusive feel to this day. The village is estimated to have a population of just 721, and police at the entrance gate allow only residents and their guests to pass. At $102,056, Tuxedo Park’s median family income is more than twice that of the typical American clan. Originally owned by the Astor family, the 100-plus-year-old hunting lodge shown at right is being sold for $1,750,000 by Tuxedo Park Preferred Properties.

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