Food Lover's Guide

It’s common knowledge that the Hudson Valley is a four-star food destination. So whether you’re searching for the best grass-fed beef, an exotic cheese, a top-notch olive oil, or the freshest pasta in town, we fill you in on where to get the good stuff.

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For the Love of Food: The Scoop on Our Food Lover’s Guide

A word from Hudson Valley Magazine’s Executive Editor, Olivia J. Abel

Meat: Finding the Right Cut (and Butcher)

Everybody’s doing it, from nose-to-tail to unique cuts. Lamb kidneys, anyone?

Fish: What to Look For and How to Cook It

Tips from local fishmongers on how to hook the best catch (so to speak)

Cheese: Blue Cheeses, Stinky Cheeses, and Rare Cheeses

From pairings to the perfect party cheeses

Bread: Local Bakeries, Brick Ovens, and Grains

Despite the gluten-free trend (or maybe because of it), good bread is enjoying a heyday

4 Local Ethnic Markets

Global groceries are on the map. Explore these international food purveyors, whether you’re whipping up your own international meal or just picking something up in your travels

5 Local Farm-to-Table Marketplaces

Farm-to-table has found another venue in a burgeoning number of small, mom-and-pop-style grocery stores throughout the region. Many of the shops also provide a limited number of tables

10 Local Products We Love (and Where to Find Them)

Locally made favorites you might find in the kitchens of our editors
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