Food Lover's Guide

It’s common knowledge that the Hudson Valley is a four-star food destination. So whether you’re searching for the best grass-fed beef, an exotic cheese, a top-notch olive oil, or the freshest pasta in town, we fill you in on where to get the good stuff.

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For the Love of Food: The Scoop on Our Food Lover’s Guide

A word from Hudson Valley Magazine’s Executive Editor, Olivia J. Abel

Meat: Finding the Right Cut (and Butcher)

Everybody’s doing it, from nose-to-tail to unique cuts. Lamb kidneys, anyone?

Fish: What to Look For and How to Cook It

Tips from local fishmongers on how to hook the best catch (so to speak)

Cheese: Blue Cheeses, Stinky Cheeses, and Rare Cheeses

From pairings to the perfect party cheeses

Bread: Local Bakeries, Brick Ovens, and Grains

Despite the gluten-free trend (or maybe because of it), good bread is enjoying a heyday

4 Local Ethnic Markets

Global groceries are on the map. Explore these international food purveyors, whether you’re whipping up your own international meal or just picking something up in your travels

5 Local Farm-to-Table Marketplaces

Farm-to-table has found another venue in a burgeoning number of small, mom-and-pop-style grocery stores throughout the region. Many of the shops also provide a limited number of tables

10 Local Products We Love (and Where to Find Them)

Locally made favorites you might find in the kitchens of our editors

Discover Dairy Delights at These Hudson Valley Specialty Cheese Shops

Brie, Muenster, mozzarella, oh my! These specialty stores have it all.

Find the Most Delectable Meat at These Hudson Valley Butcheries

When it comes to scoring a prime cut, local butcher shops are the secret to success.

Where to Eat in the Hudson Valley: 75 Dining Destinations

From Albany to Westchester, these restaurants are worth a trip.
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