Letters to the Editor in December 2015

Read our letters to the editor for December 2015, including our Where in the Hudson Valley “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Bigfoot!” contest answer


Photograph by Zoe Supina

Where in the Valley...?

It’s big; it’s hairy; and it’s the newest resident of New Paltz. A six-foot-tall Sasquatch statue has made its home the front yard of the New Paltz Hostel, captivating visitors with its cuddly features and brightly colored luggage.

For more than four months, Illinois-based home-and-garden company Design Toscano dreamed up the creation, researching, casting, and shaping the towering sculpture. Crafted from resin, it’s hand-painted to most accurately resemble the ape-like beast immortalized in Sci-Fi films and other pop-culture references. Although the existence of Bigfoot/Yeti creatures has never been proved, tribal cultures have sworn for centuries that they’ve seen more than one lurking in the forest. Hooray for Joan Kimmel of Poughkeepsie for being the first to correctly identify the location of this hairy beast! Click here to identify the name and location of a historic Hudson Valley outpost for weary travelers.

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Truthfully, I never noticed the Sasquatch in the many times passing to and from Main Street. But looking around and walking about on the way to a church dinner, I had a forehead-slapping realization that this statue is the picture featured in Hudson Valley Magazine’s Where in the Valley contest.
Camille (Cami) Fischer
New Paltz

I happened to witness the assembly of this creature, which made my jaw drop at first glance! As an artist, I can’t help but admire the workmanship as I pass it on my daily commute. He certainly is an attention-grabber!
Kayleen Mogren

I always stop to say “Hello” to this guy! Gotta love him.
Leslie Rosen
New Paltz

It’s the first Bigfoot I’ve ever seen!
Melanie Wills
Ulster Park

I walk past the New Paltz Hostel all the time and enjoy having a stare-down with Bigfoot.
Krista Miller
Pleasant Valley

A True Valleyite

Sometimes, especially when you are familiar with a place, you can forget how magical, mysterious, and beautiful the place is. Like a longtime love, it’s easy to take the place for granted. But whenever I read Hudson Valley Magazine, I fall in love again. I discover some amazing restaurant, or hiking trail, or ghostly happening that makes me yearn to learn more about the place. Yes, Hudson Valley Magazine is like falling in love all over again. It reveals the majesty of the Hudson Valley. It reminds me why I have chosen to stay in this area.
Elizabeth Napp
Mount Kisco

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