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gilded otter lagersThe Gilded Otter’s lagers and ales are available in bottles as well as on tap

According to another highly reliable source (well, Wikipedia), beer is the world’s oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. It trails only water and tea as the most popular drink on Earth. Its origins are prehistoric, and when humans first began writing, they even wrote about beer. The Code of Hammurabi, circa 1790 B.C., was in part a liquor licensing authority; it included laws regulating the ancient Babylonian version of today’s brewpub. In its Draconian, eye-for-an-eye style, rule 108, for example, says that female barkeeps who overcharge should be drowned.

Flash-forward 3,800 years, and we write about the Valley’s newest brewpub. Tim and Amber Adams opened Cave Mountain Brewing just over a year ago in Windham. It’s the first brewery ever in Greene County, Tim claims. A restaurant chef since 1991, “I always wanted to open a fish fry or barbecue place,” he says. “But then I started home brewing six years ago. My first batch was five gallons of pale ale. I followed the instructions to a T, and it came out incredible, just mind-blowingly delicious.” He had been called to the church of beer.

Cave Mountain is small, making just one barrel at a time. Out of that one barrel Adams can supply six mainstay taps with blond ale, Irish red ale, English nut-brown ale, German hefeweizen, Centennial IPA, and oatmeal stout, and six seasonal brews like cranberry white, spiced winter ale, blueberry wheat, and Oktoberfest. But he’s done so well he is planning to open an offsite brewery and try regional distribution.

“My wife and I had no idea we would be this popular,” he says. “We thought it would be us two and a couple of waitresses, but after two weeks we were a lot busier than we ever imagined.” He doesn’t have time to cook or brew anymore. “I now manage — I’m a consultant for the brewery and kitchen,” he says, leaving the beer to his head brewer, Chris Tilley.

Though Adams is also a chef, he fully credits his success to his beer. Cave Mountain recently was named best brewery at the Hunter Mountain Microbrew and Wine Festival, beating out other local brewers and larger producers like Sam Adams and Sierra Nevada. Talking to him, a relative newbie, you sense his wonder at his new calling. “The word ‘brewery,’ ” he says, “is a magical thing.”

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