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Where in the Hudson Valley...?

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After a brief hiatus (hey, even contests need time off for the holidays), our monthly “Where in the Valley” quiz has resurfaced — literally! This time, we ask you to pinpoint the location of a mounted missile which was used to scour the seas for enemy submarines during World War II. Catch the backstory behind this tributary torpedo here — and if you think you know where it has landed, submit your answer for a prize. Good luck!

We’re going to need a bigger bowl

I was delighted to find the article from your June 2010 issue about Father’s Day (“Hops For Your Pops”); the brownie recipe from Keegan Ales is quite tempting. After assembling all of the ingredients, I set out for “Joe Mama’s Milk” — only to discover that it is only available in kegs. I will use “Mother’s Milk,” but I really wanted to use “Joe Mama.” Perhaps you can explain how to purchase a small quantity? I certainly don’t need a keg for a batch of brownies!
Barbara Lane
New Paltz, via

Good news, brew appreciators: A quick call to Keegan Ales owner, Tommy Keegan, reveals that you can purchase Joe Mama’s Milk in smaller, baker-friendly quantities. “Stop by the brewery and we’ll fill half-gallon jugs right from the tap,” Keegan says — although he advises cooks to call for availability first (845-331-BREW). Kegs are actually not currently available to the public (but we’ll be glad to take any extra brownies off your hands). For the recipe, visit

Unapologetically Late Results of an Impromptu Facebook Poll:

@HudsonValleyMagazine: Snowpocalypse 2! How are you spending your snowy December 26?
Susan H.: “Putting Christmas decorations away!”
Erik M.: “[Making] eggnog cappuccino, chai latte, paninis, and other fun stuff for the frozen folks.”
Julie C.: “Figuring out my new iPod Touch :).”
Fay C.: “Shoveling out...”
Judy D.: “Just made split pea and ham soup, after shoveling.”

Fun Facebook Fact:

During the week of December 20-24, 5.7% of Hudson Valley’s daily active Facebook fans were talking about the lunar eclipse; other conversations compared Woodstock, Vermont with Woodstock, New York; weighed in on a local kid’s blog dedicated to public restrooms; and critiqued how well HV staffers dressed (apparently, we’re pretty chic).

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