Custom Golf Club Fitters in Hudson Valley and Westchester, NY

Modern technology and expert club fitters will help you shoot lower scores


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One of the great mysteries of golf is why a perfectly sane person who happens to be three inches taller, 30 pounds heavier, and eight years older than the average American golfer will pay $800 for a set of clubs off the rack. That same person wouldn’t even think of buying a $400 suit without at least having the pants hemmed, yet they expect to hit a golf ball like Rory McIlroy with clubs made for Joe Average.

With today’s technology and plenty of experienced, trained experts at hand, there’s no reason to not buy a golf club with the same attention to size and fit as you would a pair of shoes. You can get some advice at leading golf retailers, but I went a step further and went through the fitting process with three Westchester specialists, each using different technology, to see what I could do with my equipment to improve my game. The results were remarkable.

» First up: DD Custom Golf, Elmsford


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