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DD Custom Golf

Fairview Golf Center, Elmsford

Distance? You want distance? I spent a couple of hours on the fitting tee with Steve Kurnit at DD Custom Golf and saw some numbers that made my jaw drop. How about another 20 yards on my drives and 10 more yards with my irons? Those numbers aren’t to be sneezed at.

Kurnit started with a complete analysis of the clubs in my bag today. FYI, my driver is about five years old — and I was fitted for it at the time by a good, experienced fitter. My irons have been around for three years and were fitted to me by the company rep, so these weren’t off-the-rack junk either. I’ve also not been unhappy with the results I was getting — at least until Kurnit took me to the top of the mountain and showed me the kind of distance I could be getting.

My current driver distance is about average for a slightly-better-than-mediocre player: according to the monitor, I carry it 226 yards and it runs out to a total distance of 254 yards. On this day, at least, I also hit it only about a yard off line. Then Kurnit started tinkering (mostly switching shafts) until he put a club in my hands that carried 243 yards and produced total distance of 273 yards — with just a slight increase in distance off the center line. Maybe it’s not tour length, but it’s longer than I ever expected to hit a golf ball. He produced similar results with my irons, taking my six iron from 185 yards to 195 yards — all without tinkering with my swing!

Measurements aren’t done with range balls, but with brand new Titleists

Think about these numbers for a minute. If I’m playing a 450-yard par four now, it takes a 250-yard tee shot followed by a hybrid or even a fairway wood to reach the green in regulation. If I arm myself with clubs made to Kurnit’s specs, I’ll be hitting a seven-or eight-iron into that green. Gee, you think my scores might go down?

Kurnit estimates he’s done 1,500 fittings since he started in the business 25 years ago. He set up shop in partnership with Fairview last year. He not only has all the tools to measure your swing there, but a workshop on the premises to tweak your sticks on the spot, too. The shop is only a few steps away from the privately curtained hitting bay he uses to check your swing. And measurements aren’t done with range balls, either, but with brand new Titleists.

Kurnit uses a Foresight Sports GC2 flight monitor to check swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, shaft angle at impact, back spin, side spin, percent off line, carry, roll, and peak height. Since you are hitting on a full range, you can see what all those numbers really add up to.

A full 14-club fitting can take three to five hours in total (not all at once!) and runs $275. Each driver, fairway wood, and hybrid is individually measured, as are all the irons and even your putter. Irons or woods only are $150. A great way to try out the service is with a one-club “quick fit” for $75. Take your driver — and see what the right club will mean to you.

By the way, “DD” doesn’t stand for Dave Donelson. It means Dynamic Diagnostic.

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