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Certified personal coach Tom Sialiano believes every player, regardless of ability, will shoot lower scores with clubs that fit their body and swing. “Many people think only a low handicapper needs custom clubs, but high handicappers will benefit even more,” he says. GolfTEC’s measurements are made indoors using a vector monitor with two cameras to capture the launch angle, ball speed, club speed, side spin, and back spin, which then is used to compute distance, direction, and the angle of descent.

I spent a couple of hours with Sialiano, hitting balls, checking the results, and generally enjoying a detailed look at my game and what it could be. The numbers were comparable to the other fittings, but some of the interpretations were a little different. Based upon my clubhead speed of 86.2 mph, I could get more distance if I improved the backspin produced by my driver. Results were similar for my irons.

Many people think only a low handicapper needs custom clubs, but high handicappers will benefit even more

Once the base measurements are taken using your current clubs, GolfTEC feeds the information into a massive database from Swing Labs, where it is filtered through more than a thousand clubs to find the ideal match. Based on what you need to improve, recommendations will come back for several possible solutions.

Sialiano put the three top recommendations for a new driver in my hands and had me hit several balls with each in front of the monitor. “We’re using the technology to hone in on the right clubs for you,” he said. Interestingly, this approach produced just marginal improvement in driver performance for me, but a 10 percent gain in my irons. GolfTEC also offers a putter fitting, which uses some really spooky machinery to give you a picture of what happens when you wield the flat stick. I wish I’d had time during my session to get the lowdown on why I can’t seem to get my average below 34 putts per round.

Either an iron or a driver fitting is $129 ($99 day-of). Allow at least an hour for each.

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