How to Hit a Golf Ball Out of the Rough, Downhill Bunker, Trees, or Water at Hudson National Golf Club in Croton-on-Hudson, NY

Fairways and greens are a nice strategy, but most of us play from more troublesome lies. Here’s how to save your round when you’re not in the short grass


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golf water

Watery grave

The most memorable shot on tour last year was Bill Haas’s spectacular 20-yard pitch out of the water to three feet from the hole to win the FedEx Cup. You may not often — or ever — have to hit that shot for $11 million, but Harvey says you can if you try.

Before you shed your shoes and socks, though, make sure at least part of the ball is visible above the surface of the water. If it’s totally submerged, the odds of getting out aren’t good. Be careful not to disturb the ball — or touch the water with your club — or you’ll get a penalty stroke.

Now, play the shot basically like a bunker shot. Open your highest-lofted wedge so the grooves point to your left foot. Make an “L” with your backswing and come in to the ball steeply, hitting behind it just like you would in the sand and making sure to accelerate through. The water will push the ball out high and it will land soft. Who knows, maybe even next to the hole!

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