Hudson River Oil Spill Originated Near Germantown Boat Launch

A 50-foot-long pipe floating in the Hudson River leads police to an oil spill in Germantown


State police and the Department of Conservation confirm that an oil spill had occured at the site of the Germantown Boat Launch, contaminating about 300 feet of shoreline before successfully being contained.

According to an official Twitter statement posted by the Dutchess County Office of Emergency Management, the slick was caused by an isolated incident, and posed no threat to Dutchess County residents downriver.

The oil spill was first spotted by a boater, who identified a 50-foot pipe floating in the Hudson River near Germantown at approximately 4:50 p.m. on Sunday. Officials suspect the transfer pipe fell from a tanker traveling southbound.

Hazardous material response teams were on hand to assess the cleanup process.

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