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River Rock Health Spa

Map62 Ricks Rd.
Woodstock, NY


Come to Woodstock, New York - the Most Famous Small Town in the World

Experience Woodstock at River Rock The River Rock Experience

River Rock Health Spa is an elegant, Zen-like sanctuary. The spa has been honored with "Best of Hudson Valley" Awards for 2007, 2008 and 2009. Committed to natural wellness, custom service and natural products, we have provided services to our local community and tourists from around the world. We host many small private parties providing each guest with individual attention. Hospitality is important at River Rock ... guests are encouraged to enjoy our lovely facility as a relaxing retreat by arriving early and staying for awhile after spa services. The relaxation lounge, art gallery, individual steam and sauna units offer an oasis of calm for our guests. All our spa professionals are New York State licensed. Our spa is kept exceptionally clean.
The Art of Natural Wellness
Products Used in our Spa Treatments
Eminence Organic Skin Care Products. Active products are created using European certified premium quality herbs, fruits, and flower buds, and are proudly free of Parabens, Mineral Oils, Petroleum and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate.

Aveda Beauty, Skin Care & Hair Products. Aveda Sets the Standard. The first beauty company to achieve a Cradle to Cradle sustainability endorsement. The C2C endorsement recognizes their overall commitment to ingredients, materials, and processes to create a positive environmental footprint. Plus, seven groundbreaking products have been honored with the Gold-level C2C certification - another industry first.

HobaCare Jojoba Oil is the pure extract of the jojoba seed, which has been grown and then pressed and filtered, of exceptional quality, and "Certified 100% Organic". The Jojoba Company does not use any bottles made from polycarbonate, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polystyrene (PS).

Biotone Pure Touch Organics Massage Creme is organic, hypo-allergenic, unscented creme, paraben-free and gently pH balanced. Organic Jojoba Oil and Organic Shea Butter rich in Vitamins A, E, & F, combined with Organic Chamomile Botanicals, provide skin nourishment along with soothing and healing properties. Organic Sunflower and Sesame Oils give added skincare benefits, deep hydration and a non-greasy finish.

Spa Hours: Open Mon, Thur, Fri 10am to 7pm and Sat-Sun 9am to 6pm
Closed Tues & Wed

Best of Hudson Valley 2007, 2008 & 2009
Gift Certificates may be purchased on this spa web site or by Phone.
River Rock Telephone: (845) 679-7800
Prices Valid for Purchase through April 30, 2010

Best Selling Spa Package
Revitalizing Spa Retreat
Price: $195 (Value: $225).
Package with 20% Gratuity $235.
Tea in the Relaxation Room, Steam or Sauna, Full Body Exfoliation with Aveda Skincare Products in the Vichy Shower Wet Room, Aveda Express Facial*, Scalp Massage, Soothing-Smoothing Hands & Feet Treatment, Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage and Spa Goodie Bag. Allow a minimum of 3 Hours.
Relaxing Organic Spa Day
With Eminence Organic Skincare
Package $449 (Value $510).
Package with 20% Gratuity $540.
Tea in Relaxation Room, Steam or Sauna, Organic Full Body Scrub & Moisturizing Wrap with Vichy Shower, Organic Custom European Facial with Correcting Treatment & Scalp Massage, Aromatherapy Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage, Catered Lunch with Large Selection, Organic Softening Hands & Feet Treatment, Eminence Organic Skincare & Spa Goodie Bag.
Allow a minimum of 6 1/2 Hours for Your Spa Visit.

Restore, Relax and Renew
Restorative Yoga & Relaxing Massage in a Spa Setting
Previous yoga experience is not required. Yoga with Gillian Cilibrasi, Licensed Massage Therapist & RYT. Price $169 (Value $205). Package with 20% Gratuity $199.In the Restorative Yoga session, the body is fully supported by props to facilitate deep relaxation. Yoga is followed with a custom massage. Package includes: A yoga session with a series of fully-supported Restorative Yoga Poses designed to ground and rebalance the body; Relaxing Full Body Massage with Aromatherapy; herbal tea in our relaxation lounge; and Steam or Sauna.
Allow at least 2 1/2 hours for Your Spa Visit.

Couple’s Zen Package
Health and Happiness for Two
Price for Two: $359 (Value: $400).
Package with 20% Gratuity $429.
A Heated Stone Massage with Aromatherapy and a choice for each guest of Swedish, Deep Tissue or a Combination of the two techniques. Reduces stress, improves circulation, boosts the immune system & indulges guests with custom pampering. Package includes: two 90-minute heated stone massages, aromatherapy, scalp massage and softening hands and feet treatments. Choose side-by-side or individual treatment rooms. The treatments are followed by a romantic candlelight catered lunch or tea in a private dining area with choices from an extensive menu. Steam or sauna is available before or after massages. Package includes two delightful spa goodie bags.
Allow at least 2 1/2 hours for your Spa Visit.

Men’s Relax & Detox Package
Stress Relief & Immune System Boost
Package Price $195 (Value $225).
Package with 20% Gratuity $235.
Close to half of our spa guests are men who find the spa a successful way to work out tension and stress as well as a way to increase natural wellness. This package includes Tea or Cocoa in the Relaxation Room, Steam or Sauna, a Full Body Detoxifying Skin Exfoliation with Vichy Shower, an Aveda Men’s Express Facial with Scalp Massage (no extractions*), Aromatherapy Swedish or Deep Tissue Massage & Spa Goodie Bag.
Allow a Minimum of 3 Hours for Your Spa Visit.

Easy to Purchase Packages, Services, Products & Gift Certificates
The prices in this publication are valid through April 30, 2010. Gift Certificates for River Rock Health Spa services and products may be purchased at the spa, by phone or online. Email questions are welcome. Orders through the River Rock Health Spa website are secure. Please do not email your credit card information to our email address.
Gift certificates, and these all Terms and Conditions, are subject to and governed by the laws of New York.

Please Ask about Services that You Do Not See Listed

Basic Facial for Self-Renewal -- Classic European Facial
With Aveda Skincare Products
Rejuvenates, rebalances, clears clogged pores
Aveda's products are used in this classic European facial for face, neck & décolleté. Relaxing treatment with excellent results, we cleanse, exfoliate, steam, provide limited extractions, tone, mask, & hydrate.
$80 / 60 MIN

Rose Collection Anti-Aging Organic Facial
With Éminence from Hungary Hand Made Organic Skincare Products
Anti-aging, excellent for sensitive skin
Organically grown products feature red roses crushed into a tantalizing vitamin-packed treatment to nurture skin back to youthful firmness: rose milk to cleanses, sweet red rose infused with lemon refresh & tone; vitamin-C-rich rosehip & maize flower exfoliate; sweet red roses & peaches hydrate; antioxidant botanical serum clarifies skin & seals in moisture; finishing with a moisturizer according to skin type.
$115 / 60 MIN

Men's Hot Towel Organic Retreat Facial **
Not for Sensitive Skin with Éminence Organic Skincare Products
Detoxifies, rejuvenates & rehydrates skin, lightens & evens tone
Splendid organic treatment for sun damaged & aging skin. Treatment will exfoliate; mask sooths and rejuvenates the skin; & a finishing treatment of moisturizing lotion rehydrates.
$130 / 75 MIN

Mother-to-Be Facial (Also Safe for Nursing Moms)
With Aveda Skincare Products
Reduces puffiness, rebalances, rehydrates, improves skin tone
Totally relaxing, this luxurious facial treatment reduces puffiness; helps even skin tone; rebalances, rehydrates & smoothes the complexion. The face, neck, & décolleté benefit from Aveda’s botanical product line & are safe for pregnant women and nursing Moms.
$85 / 60 MIN

Simply Divine Custom Express Facial With Eminence Skincare Products
Quick Gentle Facial; adds glow
Achieve a healthy glow from this gentle cleansing, firming & moisturizing treatment -- excellent pre-event facial. No extractions.
$65 / 30 MIN

Microdermabrasion with DiamondTomeTM Skin Resurfacing System for Face or Body
Recommended as a series to achieve baby soft skin, reduction of fine wrinkles, acne scars & age spots.
The DiamondTomeTM wand uses fine diamonds to slough away dead skin & reduce fine lines, wrinkles, acne scars, & age spots by removing the top layer of skin while a gentle vacuum takes away dead skin cells. The treatment is combined with a custom Eminence Organic Skincare facial.
$165 / 75 MIN

Delicious Custom Eminence Organic Body Scrub, Wrap & Moisture Treatment with Vichy Shower
Softens, smooths your skin & soothes your spirit An organic, nutrient rich treatment: your body is polished to exfoliate, rinsed with seven shower heads aligned with the seven body chakras, calmed and enriched with a masque, and massaged with a fabulous hydrating lotion that soaks in during a body wrap for a smooth, soft finish.
$115 / 60 MIN Price Includes Vichy Shower

Thermal Herbal Mud Body Wrap to Detox & Reduce Cellulite with Vichy Shower
With Éminence from Hungary Hand Made Organic Skincare Products
Detoxes & smoothes away rough skin & cellulite The body is exfoliated in preparation for a mineral-rich, detoxifying wrap harvested from an underground thermal lake contains a high-potency blend of sulfur, spring water, & phyto-estrogens stimulate the lymphatic system to release toxins & excess fluids. An invigorating cinnamon & paprika moisturizer invigorates your skin. We recommend a twice weekly series for long-term results.
$115 / 60 MIN Price Includes Vichy Shower

Soothing-Smoothing Hands & Feet Therapy Using Aveda Skincare Products
Softens & smoothes skin, stress relief
You just cannot imagine how much wellness will come from an hour of having your hands and feet cleansed, exfoliated, softened, and rubbed for an entire heavenly hour! It's like having a facial for your hands & feet.
$80 / 60 MIN

Swedish Massage Relaxing; improves circulation; detoxifies
Relaxing massage reduces tension & stress, improves circulation & lymphatic flow.
Recommended for those receiving their first massage or those who want a more relaxing experience.
$ 80 / 60 MIN
$120 / 90 MIN

Combination of Swedish & Deep Tissue
Relieves tension, relaxing, improves circulation
Combination of deeper pressure or lighter pressure as needed.
The therapist intuitively & through communication with the client finds the right pressure to get the right results.
$ 85 / 60 MIN
$125 / 90 MIN

Deep Tissue Massage
Improves range of motion & tightness; relieves tight muscles
Intensive deep massage using techniques to increase range-of-motion, release adhesions & improve circulation. Deep tissue massage may be painful, so please tell the therapist if you need lighter pressure.
$ 90 / 60 MIN
$135 / 90 MIN

Raindrop Aromatherapy Massage Using Essential Oils
Brings physical, mental & emotional balance to the body
Raindrop Technique uses a sequence of highly anti-microbial essential oils designed to reduce inflammation & kill viral agents & to bring the body into structural & electrical alignment. Oils are dropped from about six inches above the body along the spine in a set pattern. $125 / 60 MIN
$180 / 90 MIN

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (Non-Medical) Detoxes, improves circulation of lymph
Manual lymph drainage (MLD) is a gentle, deeply relaxing treatment which stimulates activity of the lymphatic vessels which carry vital substances to the defense of the body and helps to remove toxins. MLD uses a very light touch & is highly effective in relieving edema, sinusitis & swelling around joints.
$135 / 90 MIN

Myofacial Lumbar Release
Improves flexibility & mobility of muscles & connecting tissue
A highly effective massage technique used to release or to reduce pain & discomfort in the shoulders, upper-mid-&-lower back. This technique was developed by River Rock’s lead therapist C.J. Krieger, L.M.T.
$90 / 60 MIN
$135 / 90 MIN

Pre-Natal/Post-Natal Massage
Providing comfort during & after pregnancy.
Soothing massage is a powerful tool for providing comfort during and after pregnancy. Relieves backaches, sciatica, leg cramps, swollen ankles, headaches & sinus congestion. Uses special cushions to cradle mother & baby for comfort. * For 2nd & 3rd trimesters & mothers who have recently given birth. Please consult your doctor before scheduling appointment. $115 / 75 MIN
$140 / 90 MIN

Aromatic Hot Towel Massage Using Essential Oils
Relaxing, relieves tension & stress
The ultimate relaxing experience that combines a deep, vigorous massage with steaming hot towels steeped in aromatic herbs and essences. Tension bound within muscles is unraveled with this powerfully effective treatment.
$115 / 75 MIN (And Deep Tissue Add $10)

Side-by-Side Massage - Per Person
Relaxing, relieves tension & stress
Two guests may enjoy side-by-side massage: two tables, two therapists and each guest choose your preferred therapeutic massage technique. For mother/daughter, father/son, couples, friends.
Priced by Type of Massage

River Rock Hot Stone Swedish Massage with Aromatherapy
Stress relief, awaken the senses
The ultimate alternative to deep tissue massage. Heated basalt river rocks are rubbed with essential oils, placed along the body's meridians & used to help knead tired & sore muscles for deep relaxation without overheating. Based on Native American traditions.
$125 / 75 MIN (And Deep Tissue Add $10)

Neck, Back & Shoulders Massage (not a full body massage)
Relaxing, reduces muscle tension
A variety of techniques are employed to reduce muscle tension in the head, neck and shoulder areas. Not a full body massage.
$80 / 60 MIN

Lunch or Afternoon Tea
Delicious menu for your selection catered by Sunfrost Farms Market’s Lunch & Juice Bar.
$22.00 per Person

Brows -- Shaping, Waxing & Plucking $20
Upper Lip -- Waxing & Plucking $20
Full Legs -- $52 for up to 30 Minutes Service and $20 for each additional 15 Minutes
Bikini -- $45 for up to 30 Minutes Service; $20 for each additional 15 Minutes

Best of Hudson Valley–Editors' Picks

Best All-Natural Spa Treatments 2008
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Best of Hudson Valley Winners: 2007
Category: Day & Resort Spas
City: Woodstock
County: Ulster
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