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Flannery Animal Hospital

Frank Puccio, DVM
Map789 Little Britain Road
New Windsor, NY 12553
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The residents of the Hudson Valley are quite often dedicated pet owners. All you have to do is look around to see the number of veterinary offices that serve them. But, how does a pet owner decide which veterinary practice is best for them?

Dr. Frank Puccio provided that answer simply by introducing us to the multiple services of Flannery Animal Hospital in New Windsor, which has been a familiar Orange County facility since the late 1950’s. He and Dr. Michael Kryger are the principal owners of the large clinic and hospital; with eleven more veterinarians on staff.

The diverse backgrounds and interests these vets bring to the hospital, along with reasonable fees, makes Flannery a smart choice. The hospital’s operation brings specialization without the need to travel 60 miles in any direction— Flannery Animal Hospital is right here in our region. In addition to their ability to treat a broad scope of ailments, they have experts in the art of diagnosing heart disease, and the use of modern diagnostic tools such as ultrasound.

At Flannery Animal Hospital, if a pet requires overnight admission or is boarded, they are never left alone. There is always a staff member present and a veterinarian on call. Who wants to worry about that in addition to everything else when you are separated from your animal?

The number of services is vast, and includes treatment the ordinary person probably does not think about for their pets. As an example, the animal hospital offers programs for weight management. Your overweight pet can even be put on an exercise program while you go do your shopping.
One of their outstanding programs which every pet owner should be aware of is blood donation. Pets become sick and injured, requiring transfusions; just like their owners. Donors are needed and benefits are offered, in addition to the knowledge your pet helped save a life.

The mark of a good clinician, whether animal or human, is keeping up with the latest advances and determining what is good for the patient. At Flannery, they strive to bring the best to their charges. A program worth noting is laser therapy. It works well in relieving certain types of pain, to include disk disease, arthritis, skin conditions, and more. They are proud of their ability to improve the quality of life for animals with orthopedic ailments, and they even have an underwater treadmill for therapy.
Dentistry is high on their list of priorities, because poor dental care for pets can lead to serious complications down the road, involving various organs. The overall health of your pet does not stop there. The 12,000 square foot facility accommodates a full practice with 7 exam rooms, 2 operating suites, puppy and doggie daycare, plus boarding programs.

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County: Orange
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To provide the best and most compassionate medical care possible for your pet.

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