Quad Cheat Sheets

The who, what, and why behind this year’s 400th hoopla.


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So you’ve probably been hearing an awful lot about this Quadricentennial celebration lately. You may know that all year long, from Montreal to Manhattan, parties are planned, exhibits are opening, and more than two dozen traditional Dutch ships are scheduled to sail up the Hudson this summer in what promises to be an international extravaganza. In fact, dozens of events are on tap — even the Crown Prince of the Netherlands plans to be on hand for what’s gearing up to be the Hudson Valley’s biggest party ever.

But what exactly are we celebrating? The names Hudson, Fulton, and Champlain — you may recall them from your grade school textbooks — are being thrown around nearly as much as Britney and Paris. You know that a drive into Manhattan takes you on the Henry Hudson Parkway, and of course you realize that the river we all love is named after the same man. But after that — well, maybe you’re a bit foggy on all the details.

Relax, we’re here to help. The short answer is that we’re celebrating 400 years since Henry Hudson and Samuel Champlain first voyaged along the river and the lake that now bear their names. It’s also the 200th anniversary of the maiden voyage — on the Hudson — of the first steamboat, which Robert Fulton created. And for the rest of the relevant details, just refer to these handy Quad Cheat Sheets. They’ll ensure that you’re up-to-speed on your basic, need-to-know Quadricentennial facts.

Then, stay tuned to our magazine. All year long we’ll be highlighting Quadricentennial history and the monthly events you won’t want to miss. To start, click here to learn about the official launch of the celebrations this month: the Knickerbocker Ice Festival in Rockland County.

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