Kitchen Gadgets and Clever Cookware

Whether your home boasts a cutting-edge kitchen or a humble galley, these culinary gadgets will save you both time and space — all are designed to fit neatly on your countertop


1 | Save precious cabinet space with a Joseph Joseph folding colander, which goes from flat to super-strainer faster than the kids can ask “Is dinner ready yet?” $22
bluecashew Kitchen Pharmacy, Rhinebeck 845-876-1117

2 | A kitchen staple, Le Creuset’s versatile cast-iron braiser — in cobalt blue and other bold hues — is ideal for everything from stovetop cooking and baking to serving. $279
Different Drummer’s Kitchen, Albany 518-459-7990

3 | Hands full? Activate or release the lock on Rösle’s ergonomic, gravity-locking tongs by pointing them down or up. $28-$32
bluecashew Kitchen Pharmacy

4 | The Green Glass Company’s repurposed tumblers give new life to old Corona bottles. $36 for set of 4
Cocoon, New Paltz 845-255-6862

5 | Nonstick silicone Poachpods create the perfect poached egg — simply pour into the mold, boil (the pods float in water), flip, and serve. The pods can be used for baking and molding, too. $10 for set of 2

6 | Impress your composting friends with a dishwasher-safe Sur La Table compost pail. Two charcoal filters in the vented lid eliminate odors; the stainless steel finish makes it an attractive addition to your countertop. $48
Verde at Home, New Paltz 845-255-6862

7 | A compact design allows the Nespresso Essenza espresso machine to tuck into any kitchen corner; high-tech features include a 19-bar pressure pump and automatic capsule ejection chamber. $279
Different Drummer’s Kitchen

8 | You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to dig the Vinturi red wine aerator. An innovative filtering chamber allows wine to properly “breathe,” giving it a richer flavor. $49.99
Kitch n’ Kaffe, Mahopac 845-621-3535

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