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Bacon Swizzle Sticks (Recipe)

Courtesy of the book Bacon Nation by Peter Kaminsky and Marie Rama


bacon swizzle sticks

“A Bloody Mary works really well with these,” says Marie Rama, co-author of Bacon Nation. “But at home we have them with a neat scotch. People have them with martinis, too.”

Bacon Swizzle Sticks

  1. Arrange a slice of bacon diagonally on top of a piece of paper towel.
  2. Holding the slice of bacon at each end, twist the slice in opposite directions into a tight spiral.
  3. Fold the paper towel in half over the twisted bacon slice so that the towel’s opposite corners meet. Then, starting at the fold, roll the paper towel under the palms of your hands around the bacon into a tube.
  4. Microwave the bacon in its rolled paper towel on high power until it is firm and shaped like a swizzle stick, about one minute and 15 seconds. Because microwave ovens vary in power, check for doneness after about one minute.
  5. Unroll the paper towel and let the swizzle stick cool before using it as a garnish for your favorite Bloody or Virgin Mary.

NOTE: To make more than one bacon swizzle stick at a time, increase the microwave time by about one minute for each additional slice of bacon. The length of microwaving time will depend on the power of your machine.


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