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Treat Yourself to These 5 Warming Winter Spa Treatments

Get glowing these season with a luxurious trip to a Hudson Valley spa.


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Ask any bear — sometimes you just need to put winter on defrost and take a break. Shorter, darker days can give you the blahs, while sudden temperature changes and blustery blasts dehydrate and dull your skin, stiffen up your muscles, chap your lips, and frizz up your hair.

Since there’s still a good chunk of chilly days ahead, heading to a spa seems like a super sensible thing to do. These five blissful treatments should help you banish the winter blues.



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Infrared Sauna at Bodhi Holistic Spa


Touted by the all-powerful Dr. Oz and all the rage in Asia, the infrared sauna is in demand. Unlike high-heat steam saunas, these high-tech ones operate with incandescent infrared heat lamps so the air doesn’t heat up, but your body gradually gets warmer as circulation increases.

Expect to spend a bit longer in the sauna than usual. “It’s a deep heat over a longer period of time,” says Bodhi owner Melinda Macchiaroli. “They’re great for deep healing and flushing out toxins like heavy metals.”

One unexpected benefit for some of her clients: weight loss. That sure beats skipping dessert! $25, 30-minute drop-in session; $40, 60-minute drop-in session.



Acupuncture and Cupping at Wholeness Center

Valley Cottage

What, you don’t know about cupping? A rediscovered ancient Eastern therapy, it’s the passion of Olympic swimming athletes and celebrities alike, including Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, and Victoria Beckham.

Clients come to the Valley Cottage spa seeking cupping treatment for all the usual reasons people want massages. The difference is that unlike a deep tissue massage, cupping allows the practitioner to massage into deeper layers of muscle without the invasive pressure. It’s all in the cups: They are heated by fire to remove oxygen, then placed on the skin (usually the back, but anywhere goes) to create a vacuum seal, which draws the skin up and mobilizes blood and energy.

Caveat: It can leave behind marks (which do go away), but some people view them as a status symbol of sorts. $75 for 25 minutes.


buttermilk fall spa buttermilk falls spa

At Buttermilk Falls Spa, all products are naturally crafted and organic. Courtesy photos


Warm Stone Facial at Buttermilk Falls Spa


Not on the menu at most spas, a warm stone facial is a pleasant discovery at this beautifully situated facility with views of the Hudson River from its glass-enclosed pool.

All the perks of a traditional facial are included in this treatment — cleansing, hydration, exfoliation, and a restorative mask — with the bonus of a massage using warmed stones to stimulate blood and relieve muscle tension and sinus pressure.

Because this facility is also an inn, after it’s over you can choose to drift back to your room to sleep rather than getting on 9W. (This treatment is not recommended for those with acne or rosacea.) $170 for 90 minutes.



Detoxifying Espresso Mud at Haven Spa


Just the thing for winter, this purifying treatment will help you start the year off right. With this full-body experience, Haven revives your skin using everyone's favorite morning drink: coffee.

Using finely ground coffee beans blended with Indian sarsaparilla, honey, tobacco, and black slit clay, the spa's practitioners detoxify the body to remove dead skin cells, draw out impurities, and seal in moisture. In other words, it's the perfect remedy for winter's dry skin blues. $110 for 60 minutes.


glenmere mansion spa
The centerpiece of the Spa at Glenmere Mansion is the Carrara marble / Courtesy photo


Moroccan Purification Ritual at the Spa at Glenmere Mansion


You’ll feel like you’ve just taken the Marrakesh express when you arrive at this Moroccan-style hammam (bathhouse), decorated in dramatic shades of purple with Moorish-style arched windows. As fragrant steam fills the air, patrons are exfoliated with a full-body scrub while lying on a marble stone.

Next comes the application of clay, which draws out toxins, followed by a warmed rosewater rinse-off and invigorating scalp massage. A final application of Argan oil, the secret anti-aging ingredient of Moroccan women, creates a butter-soft finish. $275 for 90 minutes.

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