Looking Forward: The Nine People to Watch This Year

A word from Hudson Valley Magazine’s Executive Editor, Olivia J. Abel


Newburgh Brewing Company’s Paul Halayko, one of this year’s People to Watch

Photograph by Tom Moore

In this month’s People to Watch cover story, we profile nine movers and shakers who we think you’ll want to keep your eye on in 2016 — and beyond. These people come from all walks of life. From a young rabbi who has energized his local congregation to a film festival director; various business leaders to a fertility expert, these fine folks are making a difference in their communities, and often in the world at large. But having to narrow down the list to nine people? Talk about hard choices! That’s because more than ever before, the Hudson Valley is brimming with creative energy and inspired people — politicians, farmers, spiritual leaders, artists, small biz visionaries, health professionals, and more. We plan to introduce you to as many of them as possible in the year ahead. For now, our cover story starts here.

kitchen trends
A sneak peek at one of the kitchen renovations profiled in our story. Click here to see the rest of the room

Also in this issue, we devote 10 pages to the wonderful world of kitchens. Let’s be honest: Who doesn’t fantasize about renovating their kitchen? Many home experts have dubbed the kitchen the most important room of the home. And with good reason. Not only is it where our food is prepared, but in many cases it becomes the hub of the house — a social gathering spot where a family reenergizes, recharges, and reconnects. In this story, we get up close and personal with two local kitchen renovations, and then fill you in on 10 of the hottest trends in kitchen design. Some of these trends took me by surprise. I didn’t realize that the two-bowl sinks that I’ve had in the kitchen of every home I’ve ever lived in are considered old-school; many people now opt for a single, oversized basin. Wood floors in the kitchen? Now that is a choice I’ve seen quite a few times — and one that I’d love to institute in my own home. The open shelves? I’ve got to say that I love the look — but I don’t think they would ever work with my lifestyle; I appreciate having some doors to stash my things behind. And if a large-scale renovation is just not in the budget this year, we offer you some tips on some affordable kitchen tweaks that can help you quickly transform the look of your room. Our kitchen coverage starts here.

There’s lots to look forward to in the next 12 months. Happy New Year!

Olivia J. Abel
Executive Editor

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