12 Wellness Tips for a Healthy and Happy New Year

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10. Keep Your Home Healthy

You never know where those disease-causing bacteria and viruses are lurking, but you can spritz them into oblivion with a home spray made with anti-microbial and anti-viral essential oils. Local company Made With Love Natural Skin Care has a Healthy Home room spray: a blend of eucalyptus, rosemary, peppermint and geranium antibacterial essential oils. “Spray your pillows and mattress before putting on clean sheets,” says owner Michele Tomasicchio. You can use it in your bathroom, on your kitchen counters, or at work. You can make your own room spray with other germ-fighting essential oils, including lavender, which is perfect for bedding. In the kitchen, an aromatic blend of cinnamon and clove oils packs a savory punch. 


Homemade Room Spray Recipe

  • Take a clean four-ounce glass bottle with a fine-mist spray.
  • Add  two ounces distilled water and one ounce alcohol.  
  • Add the essential oils (for bedding: 25 drops of lavender; for the kitchen counters or handles: 10 drops cinnamon, 2 drops of clove).
  • Top up with distilled water.

845.674.3715; www.madewithloveskincare.com   

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