Sale of the Week: July 22-28

This week’s big sale: Vogue vs. vintage at Surviving Sisters Boutique in Hyde Park

SALE of the WEEK:
Vogue vs. vintage

When it comes to style, fashionistas often find themselves choosing between two major schools of thought: current or classic? Establishing one’s unique sense of style doesn’t have to be so daunting, however; after all, fashion is not always in black and white!

Whether you want a vintage look with a modern twist — or you stock your closet with on-trend pieces that you’d love to bring back down to earth — Surviving Sisters Boutique is the place to be. Each room is filled with both vintage classics and eclectic designs, but no matter the style, one thing’s for sure: They’re all eligible for a sale!

This week, mention this Hot Ticket newsletter and get 50-70% off all new clothing, and nab two-for-one all “Go Green” recycled clothing.

» Joseph A. Bank two-piece ladies’ skirt suit (was $215, now $89)
» Amanda Smith navy silk two-piece ladies’ skirt (was $200, now $79)
» Neiman-Marcus men’s black two-piece tuxedo (now $65)
» WD N.Y. silk leopard-and-lace ladies’ skirt (was $89, now $35)
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» Surviving Sisters Boutique
Hyde Park
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