Landscaping and Design: Woodstock Beam Works and Stone Back Benches & Sculptures in Saugerties, Ulster County, NY

A local artisan transforms trees, stones, and scrap metal into one-of-a-kind pieces for the outdoors


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While the benches are a handsome marriage of substantial natural materials, Reimer’s inventive recycling gene really gets going with the fanciful gates, garden fences, and sculptures that he makes out of scrap metal. “Since I started doing it, it’s become such an excitement for me when I go to the landfill,” Reimer says, surveying the shelves in his workshop which are laden with old tractor seats, bolts, tools, chains, and other rusty man-made doodads. “I’ve become a collector of them for themselves. Some of the pieces are so perfect just as they are, I have a hard time welding them into something.”

Most whimsical of all are the small lizards, snakes, and fantastic creatures Reimer creates out of found metal objects. “The creatures mate really nicely with some of the pieces of furniture,” he remarks. “Some of the logs have crevices that are deep enough that one of the creatures will fit right inside. Or we mount one of the lizards on the seat, with its head peeping over the top, so when you’re sitting there you can look to your left and have a little company.”

The sculptures range in price from $100-$2,500.

These days Reimer is doing a good trade at local craft fairs, but he welcomes potential shoppers to come and visit him at his studio. “Sometimes I’ll custom-make a piece to somebody’s exact specifications. But I usually have a backlog of six to eight benches at my studio, and a bunch of tables, too. Come and take a look.”

Stone Back Benches & Sculptures
1795 Rt. 212, Saugerties

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