Restaurant Review in Putnam County: Valley at The Garrison, Garrison, NY

Fine fare — along with awe-inspiring river and mountain views — make Valley at The Garrison a dining destination


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The names of certain restaurants are inspired by the type of cuisine served, while others are dubbed for celebrity owners or famous chefs. And then there are the establishments whose christening attempts to capture the setting, the milieu, the mood. In that regard, Valley restaurant at The Garrison golf course and inn is aptly named. The farm-to-table restaurant is a warm-weather dining experience that overlooks the Hudson River and the rippling mountain peaks and valleys surrounding it. In other words, the landscape outside the restaurant’s wall of French doors is delicious.

“Valley restaurant is fine dining, a formal operation, but it has this countryside, laid-back feeling,” says Alexander Guepin, manager of Valley and the Garrison’s more-casual Terrace Grill. “You won’t have the kind of military service that you might have in a Manhattan operation.

“Part of the magic is that our owners will not condone any high volume in this restaurant,” Guepin says. “Why? Because it buys us the time to provide our customers with a real dining experience. This structure allows us to attend to customers. ”

valley at the garrisonContemporary style: Diners enjoy creative food and attentive service at Valley

That’s also in part because Valley relies on produce from the on-site Garrison Farm and other local producers. Organic grower Brian Bergen works closely with Valley’s chefs to coordinate the restaurant’s menu with what can be harvested from the two-acre farm. Bergen also oversees a 1,250-foot hoop-style greenhouse for raising heirloom tomato plants from seeds in early spring, which produce vine-ripened, chemical-free tomatoes for the summer and fall. The farm supplies everything from fresh peas to fingerling potatoes and baby fennel.

“The menu is based on whatever Mother Nature comes up with,” Guepin says. Nevertheless, the menu is built around a set of solid favorites, none of which elicits more enthusiasm from Guepin than the duck breast and foie gras ($33). “I’m a foie gras lover,” he gushes. “This is the first time in my life that I’ve had foie gras as a velouté, which is like a puree.” A velouté begins with a light stock of meat, poultry, or seafood, to which butter, flour, and other ingredients are added. Valley’s dish uses duck from Crescent Farms and is served with maitake mushrooms and fennel. “The duck is sliced and cooked to perfection, and when you dip a bit of it in the foie gras velouté, it is really a festival of aroma and flavors,” says Guepin.

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