Three Locally Made Bitters Every Home Bar Should Have

Three local distilleries offer some of the best homemade bitters around


At any good bar, along with the array of homemade syrups, small, dark bottles that look as if they belong in a medicine cabinet will be on display. These are bitters, a blend of herbs, spices, roots, barks, and flowers that are often a cocktail’s finishing touch. A pre-Prohibition staple dispensed for their purported curative properties, bitters create much-sought-after balance and complexity. Here are a few locally made renditions:

Dutch’s Spirits

An ode to 19th-century gold-laden mining towns, whiskey-friendly Boomtown Bitters, from Pine Plains distillery Dutch’s Spirits, brings together the toasty flavors of sarsaparilla, wintergreen, coconut, and oak.

tuthilltown spirits bitters

Tuthilltown Spirits

Unaged rye, sarsaparilla, and local maple syrup meld with nearly 15 additional herbs and spices, then age in rye-cured barrels to create Bitter Frost, the first release from Tuthilltown Spirits’ Basement Bitters line.

hudson standard bitters

The Hudson Standard

The Hudson Standard, makers of tart, Colonial American-inspired shrubs, also turn out bitters — ginger, Bloody-Mary-perfect celery, and earthy spruce shoot — boasting local ingredients.

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