Top Doctors 2011 Profile: Serhat Aytug, M.D., Endocrinology in Middletown

Taking on the diabetes epidemic and other endocrine ailments


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dr. serhat aytugPhotograph by Michael Polito

Many of his patients are dealing with diabetes or thyroid problems. “Diabetes, especially, is on the rise. It’s a huge epidemic. We’re seeing it everywhere in the world, now even in developing countries. You combine a high caloric intake and a sedentary lifestyle. Particularly here in the U.S., people nowadays drive everywhere. We don’t walk anymore or exercise enough — then diabetes develops.”

Aytug cultivates a caring approach to patients. “Medical conditions such as diabetes can adversely impact a person’s life significantly,” he explains. “So I listen to each patient’s medical concerns carefully and discuss treatment plans with them openly. It’s important that patients feel well taken care of — having a good relationship with them has always been very rewarding.”

He treats many patients, such as those with diabetes or thyroid disease, over a long period. “They tend to stay with me, so I get to know them and their families. That’s a good thing about living here in the Valley; it’s more family oriented. You wouldn’t see that focus as much in a fast-paced, urban place.”

The complexity of dealing with chronic disease can be a challenge, Aytug says. “There may be physical and emotional setbacks, for instance, when a person has diabetes. They often need to change their eating habits, their lifestyle, and that can be hard for people. In our medical practice we also have a diabetes educator/nutritionist; we work as a team.”

New medical breakthroughs continue to offer help for patients, he says. “Nowadays, I’m particularly excited to see new developments in the areas of diabetes, osteoporosis, thyroid cancer, and lipid treatments.”

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He explains: “For example, different medications are available now; every few years a new class of drugs comes out. Insulin treatments have changed a lot; we now have a faster-acting insulin that’s put into a little pen-like device. Patients can carry the insulin pen; they just dial the pen and inject themselves. It’s quick-acting, so you don’t have to wait; you can inject and eat right away. It’s very convenient.”

Aytug and his wife live in Orange County; they have a young daughter. “She definitely keeps us busy,” he laughs. In his free time, he enjoys outdoor activities such as swimming and biking. He’s also a fan of watching basketball and soccer.

His good-health advice for people with diabetes or other endocrine problems actually applies to everyone, Aytug says. “By improving your health now, you can help prevent other possible problems down the road. If you have diabetes, controlling it can often prevent things like kidney problems, blindness, and nerve damage.

“And anyone who is overweight who loses some pounds reduces not just the risk of diabetes, but high blood pressure and cardiovascular risk factors decrease, too. It’s a package improvement. The sugar part is just the tip of the iceberg.” Exercise, too, is vital, he says. “Try for four or five times a week. You don’t have to do it all at once. Every little bit helps.”

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