Extreme Sports and Races in the Hudson Valley, Upstate NY

Local adventure-sports events leave participants dirty, tired — and exhilarated


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Spartan Sprint

Length: 3.5 miles
Known for: Fire jumping and mud crawling

Participants in the Spartan Sprint, held at the Tuxedo Ridge Ski Area in Orange County, can expect to encounter “mud, fire, water, barbed wire, and occasionally Hell on Earth,” according to the event’s Web site. More succinctly, entrants in this extreme obstacle race negotiate between 15 and 20 obstructions along the mountainous course. “Last year, they had to jump over fire, swim in an ice-cube bath, and do a 400-foot mud crawl under barbed wire,” says Robert Cannillo, Tuxedo Ridge general manager. Like any race, the objective is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible, which the most athletic participants can do in about 45 minutes — although some people take as many as six or seven hours, says Cannillo. And while the Spartan series does attract a number of elite athletes, “we have people of all different ages — from 10 to 75 — and sizes. We even had one of The Biggest Loser guys do it last year,” Cannillo says. More than 5,000 people ran, swam, climbed, and crawled through the inaugural race in 2011, and Cannillo expects closer to 10,000 entrants this year. “Folks loved the different terrain, loved coming to the Valley,” he says. And no doubt they also enjoyed the post-run festivities — which include music, food, and lots of beer. June 2-3; 845-351-1122 or www.spartanrace.com

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